Toronto’s Leaside Neighbourhood

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Toronto's Leaside Neighbourhood

Leaside Neighbourhood is one of the most popular and one of the most expensive Toronto neighbourhoods. A wide range of recreational options as well as a great atmosphere has made this area an awesome living place, especially for families. Before anything, it’s a great idea to take a look at the online Toronto real estate market to gain full information about Toronto homes in this area.

The History of Leaside Neighbourhood

The first man who settled in the Leaside Neighbourhood was John Lea, an emigrant farmer. His oldest son built an eight-sided house with an octagonal shape called “Leaside” (near the memorial site of Leaside Memorial Gardens). This is the reason for naming this neighbourhood Leaside. However, in 1913, The Canadian Northern Railway incorporated Leaside as a town.

The development of this area was significant because it was the first town in Ontario that was completely planned before letting any homes be built in this area. The residential development of this area was temporarily stopped because of World War I. The area was very active during the war.

However, in 1967, the area became a part of the Borough of East York, which amalgamated with the city of Toronto later.

Luxury Living in Leaside Real Estate

As mentioned, Leaside Neighbourhood was completely planned before building any home. As a result, most Toronto homes in this area were modelled on the Tudor style. Therefore, you can see their interiors filled with hardwood floors, fireplaces, and detailed panelling and trim.

You can find a combination of detached, semi-detached, and bungalow homes in Leaside Neighbourhood. As for costs, you can expect to find homes ranging from $520,000 to $3,399,000. Of course, these numbers are not exact, and they are approximate.

Things to do in Leaside Neighbourhood

You can expect to see beautiful green spaces in a Luxury Toronto Neighbourhood like leaside. Plus, there are many great cafes and eateries. For planning to have a great day in this Toronto neighbourhood you can add a time for shopping too.

Morning activities in Leaside Neighbourhood 

There are many Yoga and Gym options in Leaside Neighbourhood, among which Big Stretch, Leaside Yoga, and FitWall Toronto are the best. Start your day with great exercises in Leaside!

Breakfast and Coffee

As for breakfast, you need to try Pâtisserie La Cigogne. However, among the cafes, make sure not to miss Wisey, a New Zealand café and bakehouse, and you will be amazed by its coffee.

Have a Great Meal in Restaurants

Among the dining options in Leaside Neighbourhood, you need to try Sushi by K for its exceptional sushi. Millwood Melt is also a great restaurant, especially for its classic grilled cheese sandwich.

If you are a fish and chips lover, make sure to try The Old Yorke as well. As for Indian food, you will not find a place better than Amaya, the Indian Room in this area. Besides, if you are an enthusiast of Spanish cuisine, then make sure to enjoy your meal in Tinto Bar de Tapas

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Enjoy Shopping in Leaside Neighbourhood

As for shopping, there are many options in Leaside Neighbourhood, such as The Elegant Garage Sale, the home to a massive range of antiques and consignment. There is also another famous store in this neighbourhood, called The Merchant of Tennis, where Roger Federer rests when he is in Toronto.

Have a great time in Trace Manes Park

Trace Manes Park is the home to the Leaside Tennis Club, located in the south of Leaside Neighbourhood. The park also offers a busy playground and a baseball diamond, where local leagues take place.

Also, if you are a book lover, the Leaside Public Library is also located in this park.

Have a Delightful Walk in Howard Talbot Park

Howard Talbot Park is located south of Eglinton Avenue, offering fantastic green space, featuring two heavy basketball diamonds for local youth and adult teams.

Toronto's Leaside Neighbourhood

Schools in Leaside Neighbourhood

Among junior public schools, you will find Rolph Road Elementary School, Bessborough Drive Elementary and Middle School. Eglinton Junior Public School, NorthLea Elementary and Middle School, and St. Anselm Catholic School are some of the other Toronto elementary schools in leaside neighbourhood.

Also, among high schools, Spectrum Alternative Senior School (Gr. 7-8), North Toronto Collegiate Institute, Hodgson Senior Public School, Leaside High School, and Northern Secondary School are noteworthy.


There are many great options for Luxury Living in Leaside because there are many types of Toronto homes in this neighbourhood with different finishes and floor plans. However, this Toronto Neighbourhood is modelled on the Tudor style.

There are many recreational options here, such as Trace Manes Park and Howard Talbot Park. It is definitely one of the best neighbourhoods you can buy or rent a Toronto home.

Therefore, if you are a potential buyer or renter, make sure to contact an expert Toronto real estate agent to help you through the buying and renting process.

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