Best High Schools in Toronto

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Best High Schools in Toronto

Toronto is the home to some of the best high schools in Canada. If you have sons or daughters that need to start their high-school courses, make sure to gain knowledge about top-level high schools in Toronto. Then you can make easier choices.

In this article, I will introduce six best high schools in Toronto.

St. Michael’s Choir School

St. Michael’s Choir School is a private high school for boys in the Garden District, Downtown Toronto. The administration and affairs of the school are done by the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto, and the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

Students should apply and have an audition. However, unlike other public schools, students need to pay a set tuition fee for the choral program.

The unique factor about this school is that it trains students to be independent and vast to be knowledgeable in the field of music.

Ursula Franklin Academy

Ursula Franklin Academy is a very well-known high school in the High Park Neighbourhood of Toronto. The academy is a small community of learners along with a Canadian high school in which science and technology are the main parts.

Teachers in Ursula Franklin Academy use a rigorous liberal arts-focused curriculum to help students be independent learners.

The academy accepts students with admission and enrolls only 500 students annually. However, living in the same neighbourhood is not a prerequisite for admission.

Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts

Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts is a public art high school located in North York. This Toronto high school accepts students only through auditions.

The interesting point about this school is that they accept students throughout the academic year when it’s necessary or whenever there is a space in the desired art class.

Leaside High School

Established in 1945 by the Leaside Board of Education, Leaside High School is a well-known high school in Canada.

Located in the Leaside neighbourhood at the corner of Bayview and Eglinton Avenues, the school is well-known for imparting knowledge to students.

Besides, the school enrolls 1000 students with a robust curriculum for students to learn languages.

Earl Haig Secondary School

Earl Haig Secondary School is another top high school with over 2,000 students in Toronto.

This Toronto high school is also well-known for its auditioned art program called the Claude Watson Arts Program. The program offers education in Drama, Dance, Music, Visual Arts, and Film Arts for the kids.

The staff in Earl Haig Secondary School are highly professional and help students to participate in various extracurricular activities and give them quality academic teachings.

Father John Redmond Catholic School

The Father John Redmond Catholic Secondary School and Regional Arts Centre is a very popular high school in Toronto located in the New Toronto, Etobicoke.

The institution was first operated as a regional art school by the Toronto Catholic District School Board. One of the main fundamentals of the school is to create a rich catholic environment. Being faithful to catholic makes learning in this school easier and more delightful.

The institution participates in Sears Drama Festival annually, along with other extracurricular activities such as public speaking, yearbook, debating, school newspaper and journals, language clubs, and many more.

Father John Redmond Catholic School


Studying in a high-level high school is an essential point that parents care about. Since Toronto is one of the major hubs of immigrants in Toronto, there are many famous high schools in this area.

Among these schools, the top 6 are introduced. However, since most schools prefer to enroll students from their neighbourhood, it is important for parents to consult an expert Toronto real estate agent to help them find a home near their desired school.

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