What are the Best Condos in Toronto?

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best condos in toronto

If you want to live in areas such as downtown Toronto, your best option is a condo apartment. Specifically if you want to enjoy the lifestyle of Downtown Toronto, with all the entertainment it can bring. Younger crowd, closer proximity to transit, and entertainment, night life, jobs, etc made condo living even more attractive. So what are the best condos in Toronto to live and to invest in?

Most of the best condos in Toronto have been built in or around Downtown Toronto, some in Midtown Toronto. Toronto is also the home of some of the best condos in Canada.

16.Aura at College Park

Aura at College Park, renowned as one of Toronto’s most prestigious condominiums, stands as a testament to luxury urban living. So this is why this building is one of Toronto’s best condos! 

As Canada’s tallest residential building, Aura not only dominates the skyline but also offers an unparalleled living experience in the heart of the city. This iconic tower is a cornerstone of the College Park complex, providing residents with an exceptional standard of living, state-of-the-art amenities, and direct access to Toronto’s vibrant urban life.

Architectural Marvel and Prime Location

Located at the corner of Yonge Street and Gerrard Street, Aura at College Park boasts an impressive 79 stories of architectural excellence. Its striking design and towering presence make it a landmark within the city. 

Residents enjoy the convenience of living in downtown Toronto, with easy access to shopping, dining, entertainment, and transit. The building’s direct underground connection to the College Park shopping concourse means that essential services and retailers are just an elevator ride away.

Luxurious Living Spaces

Aura’s residences are designed with luxury and comfort in mind. The condos feature spacious layouts, high-end finishes, and floor-to-ceiling windows that offer breathtaking views of the cityscape and Lake Ontario. From the sleek kitchens to the spa-like bathrooms, every detail in Aura’s units reflects a commitment to quality and luxury.

World-Class Amenities

Living in Aura at College Park means having access to an array of premium amenities. The building boasts a state-of-the-art fitness center, a recreational room, and luxurious lounges. The fourth floor is dedicated to Aura’s residents, offering a landscaped rooftop terrace, outdoor BBQ areas, and serene garden spaces, providing a perfect escape from the bustling city below.

Vibrant Community and Lifestyle

Aura fosters a vibrant community atmosphere where residents can enjoy a lifestyle of convenience and luxury. The building’s location in the College Park area means that cultural events, arts, and entertainment venues are all within walking distance. For those seeking an active lifestyle, numerous parks and recreational facilities nearby provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities.

Investment and Desirability

As one of the best Toronto condos, Aura at College Park represents not just a place to live but a valuable investment in Toronto’s real estate market. Its prime location, combined with the building’s amenities and luxurious living spaces, ensures a high demand for residences within Aura, making it a desirable investment for both local and international buyers.

Why Aura?

Aura at College Park exemplifies the pinnacle of high-rise luxury living in Toronto. It offers residents a unique blend of convenience, comfort, and sophistication. For those seeking an iconic residence in the heart of Toronto, Aura at College Park is not just a home but a lifestyle choice, promising an exceptional urban living experience in one of the city’s most esteemed condos.

15. 18 Yorkville

18 Yorkville

This building is literally one of the most under rated condos in Toronto. It’s number #15 in the list of the best condos in Toronto. If I want to simply summarize this building’s value I can say, the best value per square foot in Toronto’s top neighbourhood.

18 Yorkville, as the name says, is located in Toronto’s world known Yorkville neighbourhood. It’s located steps away from all that bougie lifestyle and luxury brand stores and world famous restaurants. Literally down the street from the Luxurious Four Seasons residences and hotel. All those amenities around you, while you pay a relatively great price per square foot here.

To simplify it, if you wanna get into Yorkville and own a piece of this prime real estate, you’re looking at an average 30% more per square foot than what you can buy in the 18 Yorkville! I think after writing this article more people will find this building valuable and the prices might not stay like this in the next few years.

Where everybody goes for the hype, I go for the value, the best value in the best neighbourhood! And in Yorkville, this is the best value!

18 Yorkville was built in 2006 by Great Gulf, one of Toronto’s top builders. It’s a 36 storey building with over 300 condo suites. In this building, from time to time, you can find a one bedroom in the mid $600Ks. Suite sizes in this building are starting from 470 sqft and up to over 3,000 sq ft penthouses.

14 . Seventy5 Portland

Seventy5 Portland

As the name says, this condo is located at 75 Portland St, in Toronto’s King West neighbourhood, at the heart of the Fashion District. Seventy5 Portland became very popular by it’s design and large and well planned layouts. Young downtown dwellers who have a passion for soft lofts and that kind of lifestyle, love this building. From the lobby to the units, you can feel that this building offers you a unique lift style, by positioning you in one of the nicest modern soft lofts in Toronto.

Not only the interior design, but the building itself, which is a boutique low rise condominium, gives you a homey feeling, even though you’re literally in one of the busiest pockets in downtown Toronto. Seventy5 is surrounded by party places, bars, clubs, and some of the world famous restaurants. King West’s Fashion district is literally the spot for enjoying the nightlife in Toronto.

Location is not the only factor that made Seventy5 one of the top 15 best condos in Toronto. Interior layouts and the living experience is equally important. Unlike many newer condo buildings downtown, the units in this building offer wider living rooms and open concept kitchens.

Seventy5 has over 200 condo apartments. It was built in 2010 by Freed Developments. Seventy5 Portland condos for sale are ranging from mid $700Ks for smaller 1 bedrooms to a bit over $2M for a 2 Bedroom and 3 bathrooms Penthouse Suite.

13. Theatre Park

Theatre Park

Theatre park, at 224 King St W, has a very distinct and unique facade, overlooking Toronto’s Roy Thomson Hall. The theatre park is a slim building with glass curtain walls and diagonal exterior exposed braces. Other than Roy Thomson, next door to you there is the famous Royal Alexandra Theatre. Just so you know, Great Gulf hass a development proposal for that spot, in which there will be 2 condo towers built right there, where the Royal Alexandra is!

The three factors that put Theatre park in the list of one of the Toronto’s Top 15 Best Condos, are as follows:

Location, it’s located literally steps away from the Financial District, yet next to the entertainment and nightlife. It has both worlds. Unique Facade, we talked about it already.

Most of the units in Theatre Park get tons of light, which in downtown Core is a rare commodity, for several reasons. It’s right in front of it is the Roy Thomson Hall with an open view. South view units in Theatre park are selling with very high premiums because of that. Also the unique facade, a glass curtain wall, gives you floor to ceiling windows, thus bringing in more natural light and better views.

Theatre Park was built in 2015 by Lamb Developments, and it consists of 47 Stories, where most of the units have the ceiling height of 9 to 11 feet.

12. The Milan

The Milan

The Milan Condo, also known as 825 Church St, is one of the most underrated condo buildings in Toronto. “The Milan” Condos has made it to the list of the top best condos in Toronto because of its location, layouts, and prices. You can get great condo suites with better value than average prices in the neighbouring areas ( Yonge/Bloor and Yorkville areas ).

825 Church St ( The Milan ) is located at Yonge and Church, north of Bloor St. Basically it’s located where Church St becomes Davenport when you cross Yonge St.

The Milan was built by Conservatory Group in 2016 in 37 stories and 8 storey podium. Condo townhouses are located in the podium and the lounge is located on the 9th floor.

Suites facing North or East or South east, have gorgeous views of Rosedale Valley and are overlooking Toronto’s prestigious Rosedale neighbourhood.

You can cross Yonge St at your doorstep and enjoy all the amenities in the Yorkville neighbourhood. The Milan condo is located 5 minutes walk exactly in between two major subway stations. Yonge-Bloor subway and Rosedale subway stations are each within 5 minutes walking distance to your location. The area is surrounded by prestigious Toronto neighbourhoods that each have great amenities and are among the best areas to live in Toronto.

Smallest suite in 825 Church St is 577 sq ft and largest penthouses are over 1700 sqft. You can get a condo suite in Milan for around $600Ks.

11. The Pinnacle on Adelaide

The Pinnacle on Adelaide

The Pinnacle aka 295 Adelaide, was built in 2015 by the Pinnacle international. It’s located in the heart of the Entertainment district, within walking distance to the night clubs, theatres, bars and restaurants. Right underneath you have the FIGO and The Fox and Fiddle.

Vicinity to the Financial district and downtown core made it a favourable option for professionals who love to work hard and play hard.

The building itself has amenities such as a party room, gym, sauna, rooftop terrace, and media room.

The building consists of 587 suites in 46 stories. The smallest suite there is 500sqft and the largest one is a 2,670 sqft penthouse suite. From time to time you can find a one bedroom there listed from mid $600s.

10. The Berczy

The Berczy

The Berczy is a hidden gem in Toronto’s hot condo market, and is number 10 in the list, as one of the best condos in Toronto.

This small 12 storey Boutique condo building is located in 55 Front St E in the St Lawrence neighbourhood across from the famous Gooderham Building. St Lawrence also known as Old Town, has the classic Toronto charm. The Berczy Condos is surrounded by St Lawrence Market, The Berczy Park, and tons of other entertainment and amenities.

The Berczy condos were built by Concert properties in 2014. It consists of 166 suites, ranging from 565 sq ft to over 2000 sq ft. This building doesn’t have micro units, and is a boutique style building with green roofs and energy efficient amenities.

The price of a small 1 bedroom condo in this building starts from LOW $600Ks and a 3 Bedroom Penthouse could go Mid $2Ms.

9. Chocolate Company Lofts

Chocolate Company Lofts and condos are located in the trendy Trinity Bellwoods area in 955 Queen St West in Toronto.

Chocolate Company Lofts

The Chocolate company lofts was converted to condo lofts in 2004 by the reputable builder, PLAZA Corp.

Chocolate Company lofts have the classic look with the modern touch. Being in the proximity of trendy Trinity Bellwoods and Queen west, make this condo loft as one of the most favourite Condo Lofts in Toronto. Suites in this Toronto condo building are ranging from 460 to 1570 sq ft. An entry level loft in this building costs in the Mid $600Ks range.

This Condo has 144 Lofts in 6 storeys. Many old loft conversions in Toronto have the parking problem, but this building has underground parking.


This building is one of the best condos in Toronto for investment.


Originally, when it was under construction, it was supposed to be connected to the PATH system, but it hasn’t happened yet. The pathway under the building has been done but it’s not connected to the PATH yet!

This condo was built in 2015 jointly by Lifetime Developments and Centrecourt. Suites in this building range from Micro studio suites, smallest of which is 361 sq ft, to the larger 3 bedrooms 1155 sq ft.

The most important aspect of this condo which made this building more unique and a great one to invest is the location. It’s located at 70 Temperance St, in the heart of Toronto’s Financial District. The closest intersection is Bay St and Richmond St W, and it’s surrounded by office buildings, hotels, and restaurants.

The unique location of this condo made it very convenient for Finance professionals to call it home. It literally is steps away from many major Employers in Toronto, The big banks offices, Toronto Stock Exchange, Subway Station, and Eaton Centre. I’ve done lots of deals in Toronto’s condos and by far this is one of the best condos in Toronto to invest in my opinion.

7. E-Condos

Let’s go to Midtown Toronto. E Condos is located in the heart of Midtown Toronto right on top the famous Yonge and Eglinton Subway Station. E-Condos

This building is one of the top condos in Toronto and has DIRECT underground access to both Eglinton LRT and Yonge University ( Yellow Line) Subway. This building is 58 storeys tall and has 623 suites, ranging from 466 to 1240 sq ft. This condo building was built in 2019 by Bazis International.

E Condos is a great condo to Invest and to live in. It has tons of amenities from Rooftop Deck and Indoor Pool with gorgeous views. E Condos is literally close to everything, across the street from Yonge & Eglinton centre, which is by the way is connected to this building through the Subway pathways under the ground. In addition to those, in the proximity you have great Schools ( for families ), and parks, and restaurants and entertainment. Downtown Toronto is only a short subway ride away. So very suitable for those who work in Downtown.

By the way, Yonge and Eglinton has been among the top Toronto neighbourhoods several times, by Toronto Life Magazine.

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6. Toy Factory Lofts

Speaking of the most popular condo lofts in Toronto? Toy Factory Lofts in Toronto is by far the most popular Loft Conversion in Toronto!

Toy Factory Lofts

It’s located at 43 Hanna Ave, in the trendy Liberty Village, in Toronto’s King West neighbourhood. The conversion was done by Lanterra Developments in 2008.

Suites in this spectacular condo loft are ranging from 655 sq ft one bedroom loft, up to 3082 sq ft 3 bedrooms loft. Toy Factory lofts consist of 218 Lofts spreaded in 8 storeys. Mid $700s can get you into an entry level Loft here.

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5. Ten York

This is a TRIDEL Built masterpiece south of the downtown core. Ten York condos located at 10 York St, Toronto is a 67 storey building. This building features a charming lobby and top of the line technology and amenities. It’s a luxury residential condo tower south of downtown core with access to Highway, Lake, Airport, and Subway.

Ten York

The suites in Ten York are ranging from 564 sq ft up to 3858 sq ft, and this condo consists of 694 suites, and was built in 2019. Mid $600Ks can get you in this building into an entry level suite. Proximity to the Entertainment District and Financial District and Lake Ontario across the street, all made this condo a destination for active young professionals.

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4. Charlie

Charlie is one of the coolest names that you can name a condo. Charlie, one of the best condos in Toronto, is located at 8 Charlotte St, Toronto.Charlie condos

It was built by Great Gulf Developments in 2012. This building’s location is one of the best spots in Downtown Toronto. It’s located at King and Spadina in King St West, right in the middle of Toronto’s nightlife and entertainment. Charlie is within walking distance of Financial and Fashion Districts, and it has great transit access, it literally has everything you need in terms of location.

Suites here range from studios of 408 sq ft, all the way up to penthouses as big as 2028 sq ft. This is a very good condo for investment. As a Toronto Real Estate Agent, Charlie has always been amongst my top most favourite buildings in all across Toronto.

Charlie is 36 storeys tall and has 314 residential suites.

3. 88 Scott

88 Scott was built by Concert Developments in 2018, and is located at 88 Scott St, in Toronto. This building is one of uniquely located buildings as well. It’s steps away from the King Subway station. Steps away from Financial District and Jobs. Steps away from St Lawrence area and St Lawrence Market. All in all this building is in a perfect location of Toronto’s Downtown Core.

88 Scott

88 Scott is a 58 storey condo building with 523 suites. The suite size range in 88 Scott is from micro 278 sq ft, up to an enormous 4500 sq ft penthouse.

It has very nice amenities such as indoor pool, rooftop deck and so on. The cheapest studio here would cost you in the mid $400s, and a one bedroom with a good view would cost you in the high $600s.

2. One Bloor

One Bloor

One Bloor East is a landmark sky scraper in Toronto located at 1 Bloor St E, in Toronto. It’s perfectly located right on the Yonge / Bloor intersection, which is the most important intersection in the whole Canada. One Bloor has direct underground access to both Major Subway lines in Toronto, the Yellow and the Green lines. It has the most perfect access possible to Transit in Toronto. It’s a short ride from the Highway and a few minutes subway ride to Downtown or Midtown Toronto. Most importantly, all that the globally famous Yorkville has to offer, is steps away from this building.

One Bloor was built in 2017 by the Great Gulf Development and it has 789 suites in 75 storeys. The suite sizes range from one bedroom suites of 530 sq ft, up to a penthouse of 5455 sq ft. A one bedroom suite here would cost in the Mid $700Ks.

1. Shangri-La

Shangri-La condos and hotel is located at 180 University Ave, in Toronto’s Financial District. Shangri-La not only is one of the best condos in Toronto, but perhaps the most prominent residential building in the whole Downtown Toronto. You’ll notice this building not only from the Shangri-La brand associated with it, but from the unique sculpture at the entrance and the unique form of the building. This is #1 in my list, and this is a building that won’t disappoint, no matter how peaky you are in terms of condo living. The residential component has a true white glove concierge service.


You’ll have access to all the services that the hotel component provides such as a high end bar in the ground floor and other amenities the hotel has. If you are a world traveller who has many influential guests in the finance industry, you might find it the best option to call Shangri-La your residence. You can impress any visitor by living in Shangri-La. As a Toronto Realtor who has worked with many clients in Downtown Toronto, I can tell you that Shangri-La has easily impressed the most peaky buyers.

Shangri-La was built in 2013 by Westbank Corp. Westbank Corp is one of the best builders in not only Canada but the whole North American continent. Their newer project that would change Toronto’s skyline forever, is KING Toronto, which is currently under construction.

Shangri-La has 392 suites in 49 storeys, and the smallest suite there is 678 sq ft and the largest is 4430 sq ft. The entry level one bedroom here would cost in around low $800Ks.



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Everyday Toronto is getting closer to becoming a major global city in the world. Thus investing and or living in one of the best condos in Toronto would be a goal for many Torontonians. In this article I reviewed the top 10 best condos in Toronto. They are the Condos that have been built already. Also there are several new condos under construction which will be future landmarks in Toronto. Among them, the best upcoming Condo by far is gonna be KING Toronto by Bjarke Ingles. If you need help with finding the best condo for yourself, you can get in touch with one of Toronto’s best real estate agents here.

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