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Now a Toronot leading real estate agent, Ari Armani co-founded Origin Group real estate in 2017 with Mark Allen. Ari’s background in Real Estate Development and Marketing, combined with Mark’s background in Finance made them a powerhouse from the beginning to the point that they became one of the Top 3% agents in their marketplace. 

Ari Armani Toronto real estate agent is known as one of the best real estate agents in Toronto. He is well known for his directional calls and analysis on the Toronto real estate market, which have helped to level the playing field for both home sellers and buyers in Toronto. He was the first major Toronto real estate agent who called the Top in Jan and Feb 2022 which helped sellers to capitalize the opportunity. He also is known for his calling the bottom in the Toronto Condo market in Dec 2020, which helped First-time home buyers to capitalize on that opportunity. 

Ari’s mission towards Toronto home sellers and buyers is to provide a fair and transparent market for both buyers and sellers in Toronto. A marketplace where both buyers and sellers can make informed decisions and get educated along the way.

Aside from educational social media videos, Ari Armani is expanding the Origin Group real estate by hiring new team members. When it comes to real estate agents, Ari believes that the traditional real estate agent education has flaws. He’s made it his mission to increase the bar by providing educational content for real estate agents who are new to the industry, as they’ll be the future, and they’ll be the ones who can guide the buyers and sellers through their journey. 

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