The Best Sushi Restaurants in Toronto

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The Best Sushi Restaurants in Toronto
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Toronto is the home to world-class sushi restaurants in different Toronto neighbourhoods. From restaurants with omakase menus to places with more varieties.

In all of these restaurants, high-quality ingredients and amazing skills are employed to bring you a fantastic Japanese dish that you won’t forget. Now, if you are looking for the best sushi places in Toronto, you are in the right place. Let’s take a look at the top sushi restaurants in this metropolis.

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Aburi Hana, Yorkville, Toronto

Aburi Hana, Yorkville, Toronto

Address: 102 Yorkville Ave, Unit 4 Lower Level, Toronto, ON

Phone: 647-343-8887

Aburi Hana is one of the best and most famous Japanese restaurants in Toronto, located in Yorkville. Amazing floral artwork and wooden interior design in this restaurant catch anyone’s eye. The menu offers 15 amazing Japanese courses, some of which are high-end options.

Speaking of high-end options, you should know that for expensive dishes, you can expect to pay $350 per person! Besides, you can also have takeout options if you prefer to have your delicious sushi at home.

Kibo Sushi House

Kibo Sushi House

Address: 533 Parliament St, Toronto, ON

Phone: 647-352-3788

Address: 36 Charlotte St #102, Toronto, ON

Phone: 647-748-8887

Address: 701 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-651-8302

Kibo Sushi House is a place where you can have delicious yet affordable sushi in Toronto, with many locations in this city. Besides, you can also have cooked items like Gyoza and Chicken Karaage.

There, as one of the best sushi restaurants in Toronto, you can have combo options like the Salmon Lover combo. This combo has three salmon roll pieces, three salmon sashimi pieces, and six spicy salmon roll pieces.

Some locations serve people in their dining rooms, and some of them offer takeout options.



Address: 111 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON

Phone: 437-974-6367

Tachi is a stand-up sushi restaurant in Toronto. As they say “We are Canada’s first stand-up sushi! Proudly serving quality sushi to meet the needs of time-starved Torontonians in the downtown core.”

They have one of the best sushi chef’s so I count them one of the best of Toronto’s sushi restaurants as well.

The famous omakase menu in this restaurant changes every season, featuring Toro and Ikura, which are fatty tuna and salmon roe, respectively.

Tachi’s omakase menu is around $69.75 per person, offering 11 pieces of sushi and one hand roll. In this stand-up sushi place, the premium omakase menu is prepared in less than 30 minutes.

The Haam

The Haam

Address: 342 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-977-7258

Having your meal in The Haam can be an amazing experience for you since the restaurant offers Japanese and Mexican fusion dishes.

The restaurant offers a range of options, such as maki rolls, hand rolls, sashimi, etc. But you must try their special roll, which is Mexican-inspired.

Among these are Lion King Roll and Volcano Fiesta Roll. Besides, you can have oshi sushi and sushi boats as well. Don’t miss The Haam in Adelaide St as one of the best sushi places in Toronto!

Planta Queen

Planta Queen

Address: 180 Queen St W, Toronto, ON

Phone: 647-812-1210

Are you a vegan and want to have sushi? It seems strange, but Planta Queen has amazing offers for you!

Located in the Entertainment District, the restaurant is famous because it offers sushi rolls with Ahi Watermelon Nigiri and Unagi Eggplant. Oh, Nigri has always been one of my favorite parts. Other plant-based dishes are also served here, like Cauliflower and Pineapple Fried Rice.

It is a vegan restaurant, but if you are not a vegan, you will enjoy these dishes as well.

Yasu, Best Sushi in Toronto

Yasu, Best Sushi in Toronto

Address: 81 Harbord St, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-477-2361

Yasu is one of the best sushi restaurants in Toronto, which has another location in LA as well. But the Toronto location is the original one, where you can have 20 items in the omakase menu.

Yasu believes that in the modern world, they can access the freshest and the finest fish like what Japanese people have. Also, using seasonal ingredients makes the sushi tastier and fresh.

Miku Toronto

Miku Toronto

Address: 10 Bay St. #105, Toronto, ON

Phone: 647-347-7347

Miku has been successful in bringing aburi-style sushi to Canada, especially in Toronto. The term means “flame-seared.” In this case, the fish is cooked over the fire, offering new textures and amazing flavour. Then, it will be seared over Japanese bamboo.

Also, Miku offers a fantastic signature sauce, making their dishes amazingly tasty. In an area of over 7000 square feet, Miku provides customers with a great atmosphere and vibe. By the way, generally living in areas like Bay Street in Toronto is a great opportunity for you.

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The large Japanese community in Toronto has led to a wide range of Japanese restaurants in this city, especially sushi restaurants.

No matter where your Toronto home is, you can easily find one of the best sushi restaurants in Toronto. These restaurants are great for different occasions, whether romantic occasion, business occasion, etc. As a result, some of the best sushi restaurants in Toronto were introduced above so you can easily find where you want.

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