Centre Island in Toronto

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Centre Island in Toronto

Located in the middle of the three primary Toronto Islands, Centre Island can be found between Ward’s Island and Hanlan’s Point.

This area is perfect for escaping from the city. The best and cheapest way of reaching Centre Island is by taking a ferry. You can take a water taxi as well, which is a quick and less crowded option.

In fact, Centre Island is the most popular one in Toronto. Therefore, this area is one of the must when you live or visit Toronto.

Centre Island in Toronto

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Things to do in Centre Island

Since Centre Island is the most famous Island in Toronto, the major activities are concentrated here. Let’s take a look at the best things to do in Centre Island.

Centre Island in Toronto

Have a Great Time in The Centreville Amusement Park

The Centreville amusement park in Centre Island offers a wide range of rides and various options for different ages and with different levels.

If you are not into the excitement that much, the Sky Ride or even the Swan Ride will be relaxing options for you.

Also, the Bumper Boats or even the Log Flume Ride are less exciting choices. There are different types of tickets for the park: the Ground pass, allowing you to enter the park, splash pad, and farm without rides. However, if you wanna try rides, you should buy an All-Day Ride ticket.

Enjoy Hiking

Make sure to enjoy hiking along the 14-km Toronto Island Trail. No matter what your hiking level, you can enjoy walking in this area with different proficiency levels.

Centre Island in Toronto

Enjoy the Sun on the beaches

Summer is the best time to enjoy the beach in Centre Island since the temperature can reach 30 C. Make sure to bring your swimsuit to dip in the water and cool down in the Centre Island.

There are facilities like lockers and bathrooms.

Rent a bike

Have a great biking tour in Centre Island. You can rent a bike for $9 per hour. Besides, visitors can also try paddleboarding with a view, costing $50 per person with Toronto Island SUP.

Have a Great Time in Far Enough Farm

Suppose you are not a fan of amusement parks. In that case, you can be a potential visitor of Far Enough Farm, with over 40 species of farm animals.

This petting farm has been a popular area in the Centre Island of Toronto.

Centre Island in Toronto

Make Sure to Visit Cherry Blossoms in Spring

The Centre Island is filled with Japanese cherry trees, also known as Sakura. In spring, especially in late April or early May (depending on weather), the Centre Island becomes a real paradise.

The Best Time to Visit Toronto Centre Island

The attractions in this area are open to visitors from May to October.

The colder months are the times when a sleepy residential community exists.

Ferries operate year-round. In fact, you can visit here whenever you want, but most activities are available during a specific time.

Dining options

There are many dining and café options in this area. For example, Toronto Island BBQ & Beer Co. is a great choice for having great food as well as taking a fantastic cityscape view. Also, Subway and Pizza Pizza are other fantastic options. Also, if you are looking for a café on this island, Carousel Café will be an amazing choice.


Centre Island is a fantastic place to spend a day out of the busy and crowded city centre.

There are a lot of activities in this area, making it perfect for different groups of visitors, no matter if you are family, friends, etc.

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