8 Most Visited Toronto Parks

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Most Visited Toronto Parks

There is a wide range of parks in Toronto, from lovely waterfront parks with sandy shorelines to parks with zoos and gardens.

Reaching most parks in Toronto is easy since many of them have their own subway station. Also, there is a range of facilities in the majority of parks in Toronto, such as playgrounds, walking trails, etc. Let’s take a look at the most visited Toronto parks.

Now, let’s take a look at 5 top Toronto parks, which offer a wide range of facilities to visitors and sports lovers.

1- High Park 

High Park is one of the largest parks not only in Toronto but in Canada. High Park in Toronto stretches from Bloor Street down to The Queensway in the  High Park Neighbourhood.

Walking trails in this park, such as Spring Creek and West Ravine, are fascinating since they find their way through large trees and burbling brooks.

Also, there is a range of facilities in High Park, such as tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, ice-skating rink, and an outdoor swimming pool.

Besides, there is a lovely zoo in the park, with a variety of animals, such as bison, peacocks, and yaks. Make sure to relax in High Park, which is definitely one of the most visited Toronto parks.

High Park-Most Visited Toronto Parks

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2- Islands Park

One of the most visited Toronto parks is Islands Park. The Islands Park is a beautiful park with lovely gardens, large prawns, and great gardens.

In fact, this Toronto park is fantastic for a family outing, especially because it’s highly accessible through regularly scheduled ferries from downtown.

Also, picnic tables and BBQs make this park fantastic for having a great family time in Toronto.

3- Centreville Amusement Park

One of the most visited Toronto parkas is a children’s amusement park, Cenreville Amusement Park.

This Toronto park is located in the Middle Islands, Toronto Islands.

Find over 30 rides in Centreville Amusement Park in this area.

If you are an animal lover, Far Enough Farms is the best option for you to visit pot-bellied pigs, Billy goats, peacocks, guinea pigs, ponies, and many more.

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4- Bluffer’s Park

Suppose you love seeing the famous Scarborough Bluffs in Lake Ontario. In that case, Bluffer’s Park is one of the best choices for you.

This waterfront area is amazing for escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city, offering fantastic walking and biking trails.

Also, picnics and BBQs can be found all over the park, making it perfect for spending some hours with your family or friends.

5- Kew Park

Kew Park is also one of the most visited Toronto Parks. Located in the Beaches Neighbourhood, Kew Park is an amazing park with large lawns and massive green space.

As one of the finest parks in Toronto, Kew Park offers a great range of facilities, such as a baseball diamond, lawn bowling, tennis courts,. There are also exceptional gardens, a concession stand, a wading pool, and a great covered picnic area.

It’s not a very large park by Toronto standards, but its features make it an exceptional choice for you. Also, there is a fantastic library in this park for book lovers.

6- Rouge National Urban Park

Following the watershed of Rouge River, Rouge Park is the newest national park in Canada and one of the most visited Toronto parks.

This Toronto park offers a great range of activities, such as hiking, biking, canoeing, bird-watching, kayaking, and camping.

At the southern end of the park, you will find the beautiful Rouge Beach on Lake Ontario.

Rouge National Urban Park-Most Visited Toronto Parks

7- Sunnyside Park

Sunnyside Park used to be a very famous amusement park from 1922 to 1950, located at the west end of Toronto.

As one of the most visited Toronto Parks. Sunnyside Park offers three beach areas protected by an offshore seawall.

There are also picnic options in the park, along with a lovely walking trail. On the west end of the park, you have Sir Casimir Gzowski Park, offering a great playground.

Besides, on the east, Sunnyside Pavilion and Sunnyside Gus Ryder Pool are available for you.

8- Christie Pits

Christie Pits is one of the most visited Toronto parks because of the large number of activities and things to do.

This nine-hectare space offers baseball, splash pad, and volleyball facilities.

Besides, sports lovers will enjoy Alex Duff Memorial outdoor pool, a labyrinth for children. There are also a great wading pool, a playground, fantastic basketball courts, bike trails, and a wide green space for multiple sports.

In winter, the good news for visitors is that the park is one of the tobogganing hot spots, along with Sid Smith Artificial Ice Rink.


There is a wide range of parks in Toronto with a wide range of facilities and things to do. Among these parks, eight most visited Toronto parks were introduced above.

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