Etobicoke Neighbourhood in Toronto

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Etobicoke Neighbourhood in Toronto

Etobicoke Neighbourhood in Toronto has gained a great deal of popularity during recent years, and this popularity is growing more and more. Etobicoke’s population is around 365,000, making it perfect for those who prefer not to stay in crowded areas of Toronto. The Etobicoke neighbourhood is rich with Indigenous heritage, fantastic green spaces, and amazing outdoor activities.

History of Etobicoke Neighbourhood in Toronto

The first group of people living in Etobicoke Neighbourhood in Toronto was Mississauga First Nation. They referred to this area as “Adobigok,” which means “where the Alders grow.”

When Europeans chose to live in Etobicoke, the area was a town, bordered by the Humber River to the east, Etobicoke Creek to the west. The City limits along Steeles Avenue to the north, and Lake Ontario to the south.

However, in 1998, Etobicoke was amalgamated with Toronto, becoming the city’s western boundary. Nevertheless, the present-day neighbourhood originated in 1911, when Robert Home Smith created the “Humber Valley Surveys.” He called this plan “a little bit of England, far from England.”

Etobicoke Real Estate Guide

About 40% of Toronto homes in Etobicoke Neighbourhood are large apartments, but you can also find single detached homes as well. About 60% of residents in this area are homeowners, and others are home renters. There is a range of Toronto home types and sizes, making it easy for homebuyers or renters to find the best home that fits their needs. The average home price in Etobicoke Neighbourhood is $606,985.

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Things to see in Etobicoke Neighbourhood

The Etobicoke neighbourhood has beautiful green spaces and there are also many outdoor activities available to entertain you.

Woodbine Racetrack

Woodbine Racetrack is probably the most famous attraction in Etobicoke Neighbourhood. Here, you can see live horse racing each weekend or on Wednesday.

Humber Bay Parks

Humber Bay Parks is the best place to start exploring Etobicoke Neighbourhood in Toronto. The park spans Lake Ontario’s Shores in the west end of Toronto. Both west and east Humber Bay Parks create a scenic atmosphere for various activities, such as hiking or having picnics.

Etobicoke Neighbourhood in Toronto

Colonel Samuel Smith Park

This beautiful Toronto park used to be the weekend getaway spot for Victorian Torontonians. Located along the shoreline area, it’s a fantastic area for seeing animals, trees and birds, with an off-leash dog area. Colonel Samuel Park is located at 3145 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke, ON M8V 4B6.

Cheese Boutique

Cheese Boutique is one of the leading food institutions in Canada, which is a sanctuary for imported cheese. However, it also offers fruits, vegetables, and specialty products. Besides, you can enjoy fruits, vegetables, and specialty products.

Tom’s Dairy Freeze

Tom’s Dairy Freeze is a 50-years old ice cream shop on Queensway, which is great, especially on warm days of the year. The shop is famous for its soft-serve ice cream filled with real cream.

The ice cream also features chocolate (cocoa) and vanilla (the cream + vanilla beans). However, you can also find burgers, fries, and milkshakes in Tom’s Dairy Freeze as well.

Black Oak Brewery

Since 1999, the Black Oak Brewery has been located in the heart of Etobicoke Neighbourhood in Toronto. This brewery offers weekly tours and parties for showcasing new products. Besides, there is a space for weddings, bachelor parties, etc. You can find this old brewery at 75 Horner Ave, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 4X5.

Village of Islington

Village of Islington is an outdoor art gallery surrounded by a group of murals along Dundas. You can see these paintings on the sides of the buildings, but some of them are painted on the bridges along Mimico Creek. In fact, the gallery offers a combination of art and culture, keeping you interested.

Montgomery’s Inn

Montgomery’s Inn used to be a former home of an Irish family, but now it’s a lovely museum. The art exhibitions are fantastic, held in spring.

However, you can also enjoy market days every Wednesday afternoon during the year. Besides, visitors will enjoy wine and beer, as well as traditional music, during the Thirsty Thursdays concert series.

Etobicoke Neighbourhood in Toronto

Fantasy Fair

Fantasy Fair is an amusement centre, offering fantastic options for all ages. There is an exceptional playground in this area. However, visitors can also plan parties as well. Fantasy Fair is located at 500 Rexdale Blvd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 6K5.

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Etobicoke Neighbourhood is one of the most growing neighbourhoods in Toronto, both in popularity and development. In the past, the area used to be a town, but now, it’s a part of Toronto.

When it comes to Toronto real estate, most homes in this area are large apartments. However, you can also find other types as well. If you want to find a great Toronto home in this area, make sure to contact a Toronto realtor to help you find the best option available.

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