The Best Bookstores in Toronto

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The Best Bookstores in Toronto

In the world of e-books and internet sellers, it can be hard for bookstores to survive. However, visiting bookstores is a hobby for a large number of book lovers.

The bookstore culture in Toronto is alive. A large number of residents enjoy visiting these bookstores, buying their favourite books, and enjoy reading.

The best bookstores in Toronto are not just limited to selling books. They also offer book launches and other book-related events. Here, some of the best bookstores in Toronto are introduced so that book lovers can easily find the bests of the best in this metropolis.

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Another Story

Another Story

Address: 315 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-462-1104

Another Story is an independent bookstore in Toronto located in Roncesvalles. The bookstore specializes in grassroots social justice, equity, and diversity.

Besides, this Toronto book shop offers amazing book launches and events for culture enthusiasts. Also, you can see a wide range of activism-centered titles for different age groups, such as children, teens, and adults.

Book City

Address: 1430 Yonge St, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-926-0749

Address: 2354 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-961-4496

Address: 348 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-469-9997

Address: 1950 Queen St E, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-698-1444

Book City is one of the best bookstores in Toronto, with four locations from Danforth to Yonge & St Clair. The original shop opened in 1976 in the Annex and now treats customers with different points of view.

Book City is famous for its exceptional bookshelves filled with new books, tables with bargain books, and stores filled with book-loving people.

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Ben McNally Books

Address: 400 King St E, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-361-0032

Ben McNally Books is one of the best bookstores in Toronto, offering fiction, history, poetry, cookbooks, as well as special books. The friendly staff and large book collection have made Ben McNally Books a famous bookstore in Toronto. It also offers amazing events like book signings and book readings. Also, many authors come to this bookstore to discuss their work. The store is available for in-person shopping and online shopping.

BMV Books

Address: 471 Bloor Street West (Bloor and Brunswick, between Bathurst and, Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON

Phone:  416-967-5757

Address: 10 Edward St, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-977-3087

Address: 2289 Yonge Street Eglinton, ½ block North of Eglinton, East side of Yonge, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-482-6002

BMV is famous for selling quality products at a lower price if you are a book lover and looking for a haven from the noisy, bustling streets outside. Besides, you can resell your books as well in BMW Books. This place is not just limited to books, and you can find DVDs, cassettes, blue-rays, and many more as well. In one sentence, BMW Books is the best because of its wide selection and reasonable prices.

Queen Books - The Best Bookstores in Toronto

Queen Books

Address: 914 Queen St E, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-778-5053

Queen Books is located in Leslieville, offering a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books for kids, teens, and adults. Besides, customers can have a book subscription to sign up to receive one book per month delivered to your door. This subscription is available for both children and adults, running for six months or one year. Queen Books offers complimentary gift wrapping for online orders, making it an ideal place for book lovers.

Seekers Books

Address: 509 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-925-1982

Seekers Book has been working for 20 years, providing customers with books with a wide range of genres. Also, you can find rare and unique books if you like to follow Eastern Philosophy, spirituality, Occult, fiction, politics, etc.

One of the main features of Seekers Book is that the staff are amazingly knowledgeable about the books, suggesting great books depending on your taste. Also, the ambiance is amazing with relaxing music and scented candles.

Caversham Booksellers

Caversham Booksellers

Address: 98 Harbord St, Toronto, ON

Phone:  416-944-0962

Caversham Booksellers is one of the best bookstores in Toronto, specializing in psychotherapy, trauma, neuroscience, and the scientific genres.

Opened in 1989, the store was founded by Dr. Christine Dunbar, a psychiatrist, and psychoanalyst. Besides, Peter Heyworth, a former English professor, is another founder of Caversham Booksellers.

In addition, this store is a great resource for Toronto’s students because it sells textbooks to local schools and training centres.

Type Books

Type Books

Address: 883 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-366-8973

Address: 2887 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON


Address: 427 Spadina Road, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-487-8973

Established in 2006, Type Books is one of the best bookstores in Toronto, offering a wide selection of books, from cookbooks to novels.

The welcoming atmosphere of this store, along with a range of fun events, makes it attractive for book lovers. These events include book fairs, book readings, book launches, etc.

Also, you can find a great selection of children’s books, from classics to newer books. However, you can also find planners, agendas, tote bags, accessories, etc.


Different independent bookstores in Toronto are working, offering different genres and categories. Most of these stores don’t limit themselves to selling books, and they hold amazing events like book launches and book signings.

As mentioned, some of the best bookstores in Toronto were introduced above to make your choice easy. Do you want to establish a bookstore and your brand? The best decision is to consult with a  top ranked Toronto real estate agent.

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