Different Types of Housing in Canada

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Different Types of Housing in Toronto Canada

Everybody knows that there are different types of Toronto real estate, giving different options. Of course, the one you choose depends on many factors such as budget, location, and generally, your family needs. The best thing to do before buying or renting a house in Toronto is to become familiar with different types of housing in Canada. Different types of housing in Toronto include detached house, semi-detached, townhouse, and condo.

Detached House in Toronto

When it comes to different types of housing in Toronto, detached houses are definitely one of the most popular types of housing. Why? The reason is that you cannot see any walls shared with other homes in detached homes. This type of house is great for families who want to have more space because it mostly offers a front yard and backyard.

Notable Features of Toronto’s Detached Houses

You need to know that it is the most expensive type of housing in Toronto. In fact, you will have much better privacy, but at a higher cost. Also, the maintenance and renovations of the building are your responsibility. All the costs related to building are by your own. The higher price in these home means that you should also pay more taxes since the taxes are based on the value of a property.

Different Types of Housing in Toronto Canada

Semi-detached House

Among different types of housing in Canada, semi-detached houses are the second most popular type. Semi-detached homes are types of Toronto houses that come in different sizes and layouts. However, they all have one thing in common: there is a wall that you share with another home. Besides, there can be some other shared items in these homes, such as a fence or driveway.

Notable Facts of Semi-detached in Toronto

As it is evident, these Toronto homes are usually cheaper than detached homes. The point is that you need to forget some aspects of privacy for a lower-cost home. In fact, neighbours play a crucial role in residents’ satisfaction. You might never hear anything from your neighbours or don’t have any problem with them. However, there is also a possibility that you have a noisy neighbour, making your life inconvenient.

Different Types of Housing in Toronto Canada

Toronto’s Townhouse 

Townhouses are the third type among different types of housing in Toronto. In townhouses, residents share two walls from two sides with their neighbours. As these types of housing in Toronto are built in a row, the end homes share only a wall, and they are similar to semi-detached ones.

Notable Facts of TownHouse

Generally speaking, townhouses are cheaper than the abovementioned homes. However, you might find really expensive and very luxurious townhouses. Some Toronto townhouses offer private backyards, and some offer ground-level or rooftop patios. Since it is an individual property, you are responsible for the home maintenance and upgrades.

Different Types of Housing in Toronto Canada

Toronto Condos

At the end of the list of Toronto housing types we have Toronto condos! Condos, aka condominiums, are very large buildings that offer a wide range of units. Each unit in a Toronto condo belongs to an owner, but there are shared spaces, such as a lobby, pool, fitness center, parking garage, yard, etc. A condo syndicate or strata, usually called a condo corporation, is responsible for the maintenance of common elements.

This corporation keeps track of building functionality and budget. It also provides recommendations for picking contractors or repairs. All residents can vote for the corporation’s decisions. These features are not free of charge, and you need to pay maintenance fees monthly.


The different types of housing in Toronto make it possible to choose the best Toronto home that fits your needs. When you contact a real estate agent in a neighbourhood to buy a home, they can offer different types of Toronto homes, including detached, semi-detached, townhouse, and condominiums.

Each one has its pros and cons so you need to consult with a top Toronto real estate agent to have a great buying or rental experience.

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