Signs of a Qualified Toronto Real Estate Agent for Sellers

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Signs of a Qualified Toronto Real Estate Agent for Sellers

Selling your Toronto condo or house could be a complicated process, especially for those who have no experience. The best suggestion would be to hire a top ranked Toronto real estate agent who has related skills and knowledge to get the most value for your house. According to the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, there are about 60,000 registered real estate agents who can provide such a service to Toronto home sellers. But the question is how you can find out that your real estate agent is qualified enough to help you? Here, I am going to tell you the signs of a qualified real estate agent to easily recognize a good agent from a poor one.

There are many mistakes to avoid when selling your home, but the most important issue to pay the most attention to is hiring the best qualified real estate agent. A listing agent who knows all the ups and downs of the Toronto real estate market and has the required experience in selling similar Toronto houses.

Here are the signs of a qualified agent for home sellers in Toronto:

Signs of a Qualified Toronto Real Estate Agent for Sellers

Being a highly recommended Toronto real estate agent

Your first step to finding a qualified Toronto realtor is to start doing your own search. Ask your family, friends and neighbors who recently sold their house about their agents. Find out about the quality of the service their agent has provided and their success in selling the house. Use their experience to find the best ones, then try to read about them online. Read all the reviews and testimonials of other clients about them in different situations. Don’t rush, take enough time to do your research to make sure that you will work with the proper agent you need.

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Being tech-savvy

These days, almost all the potential Toronto home buyers start their house haunting by searching online. So, your agent must know how to represent your house in the best way to be seen by the right people and have a proper online presence. A qualified Toronto agent knows how to use the online tools and platforms to show your house the best. Look at their public profiles because your house will be presented the same way they present themselves online.

In the digital age, you can’t trust an agent who thinks sticking a “For Sale” sign at the front door still could be useful. Taking high-quality images, videos and 3Ds of your house will help the potential house buyers who are searching online to decide to see your house or not. Don’t you ever work with an agent who takes random cell phone pictures for marketing.

Signs of a Qualified Toronto Real Estate Agent for Sellers

Providing an acceptable marketing plan

One of the most important steps in selling a Toronto house is the marketing plan. You certainly cannot trust a Toronto real estate agent who has no specific marketing tactic. It shows they don’t know what they’re doing and how to represent your house. Hiring such a poor agent will result in less exposure and fewer showings for your house. As a result, your house will stay longer on the market and you will eventually have to sell it at a lower price.

A good marketing plan will show the buyers that your house with its special features is available for sale. Your qualified agent’s marketing strategies will reach the largest buyers possible. So, it may include either newspapers and television or online websites and networks. An experienced Toronto real estate agent has broader local, national and international networks. The more effective the marketing strategy, the more qualified offers your Toronto home will receive. A good Toronto agent with an acceptable marketing plan can sell your Toronto house with the highest price within the shortest amount of time.

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Having the communication and negotiation skills

A qualified Toronto real estate agent should respond to your emails or calls constantly to assure you that you are his/her number one priority. Otherwise, it won’t be a good working relationship. They must keep you posted without any communication issues. In fact, they have commitments to communicate with their clients effectively and professionally. A professional agent is one who is easily approachable to answer all your questions and serve your best interests.

The listing Toronto agents should be able to clarify their client’s needs to make the best negotiation with the potential buyers. Having good negotiation skills will help the agent to fill all the gaps to their client’s benefit and manage the transaction most effectively.

Signs of a Qualified Toronto Real Estate Agent for Sellers

Highly knowledgeable about the market and neighbourhood

The listing agent should have a thorough knowledge of the Toronto real estate market’s inside and out. The qualified agent knows the area to best market your house. Being familiar with the local demographics and labor market will help to speed up the selling process. Hiring a knowledgeable agent who knows the local market and neighborhood means that your agent exactly knows who the potential buyers would be. So, it will be easier for such agents to convince the buyers about the advantages of the neighborhood.

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Estimating the reasonable price of your Toronto house

You should not trust the listing agent who asks you about the price of the house or overvalued the house. The most important sign of a qualified real estate agent is setting a proper price for your house based on the current Toronto real estate market and comparable properties in the neighborhood. Overpricing your house will result in staying in the market for a few weeks or even months. As a result, not only you will lose a lot of time but also the potential buyers may think that there’s something wrong with your house.


Hiring an unqualified agent will impose more stress on you and eventually cost you your time and money without any success. At the end of this game, you are the one who loses so much. So, do your homework, find a professional and experienced agent and don’t be seduced with false promises or overinflated listing prices. Find a serious and committed  Toronto real estate agent with a broad network and the best negotiation and communication skills.

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