Toronto’s Queen Street West Neighbourhood

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Toronto's Queen Street West Neighbourhood

“Toronto’s Queen Street West Map”

Arguably, Queen Street West is the coolest neighborhood in Toronto. Once an ethnic mix area, during the past few decades it has shifted to a major hub for commerce and living. No matter if you are a fashionista, shopaholic or aesthete, you will find something unique to admire here in Queen Street West.

As a Toronto real estate agent who has been working in the area for years, I can tell you if you are looking for a house to invest in or reside, without any doubt, Toronto’s Queen West neighbourhood is the right, promising option for you. Excellent accessibility, all-inclusive amenities and its unique vibe has made it a perfect place to live and work.

How to get to Toronto’s Queen Street West Neighbourhood

Streetcar Route:

The easiest, fastest way to reach Queen Street West is by using 501 TTC streetcar. It starts from Queen St East at Neville Park Blvd at far east and goes to Lake Shore Blvd West at Thirty-Seventh St. In the way you can get off at any station in Queen East or Queen West.

Bus Routes:

bus routes Toronto's Queen Street

  1. At Ossington Station ride 94 (Castle Frank Station) to Harbord St at Brunswick Ave. Walk to Harbord St at Brunswick Ave and ride 511 to Bathurst St at Queen St West.
  2. From Dundas St West at Keele St ride 40 (Dundas West Station) to Dundas West Station. From Dundas West Station ride 506 (Main Street Station) to College St at Spadina Ave.
  3. From Pape Ave at Danforth Ave ride 72 to Carlaw Ave at Gerrard St East and from there ride 506 to College St at Spadina Ave.
  4. From Yorkdale Rd at Go Terminal (Yorkdale Station) ride 47 (Lansdowne Ave at Queen St West) to Lansdowne Ave at College St. Walk to College St at Lansdowne Ave and ride 506 to Ossington. From Ossington ride 63 to Queen West.


History of Queen Street West

More than two centuries ago, in the 1790s, the area where is now known as Queen Street, was divided into numerous lots and the landowners started to build two-story houses. Those days, Toronto was called the City of York and the new street named Lot Street. The Lot Street area rapidly became an important commercial part of York and attracted people from suburbs. The buildings were mostly low rise with the first floors used for businesses and top floors for the living of the residents. Later in the 1830s, the city of York renamed Toronto and Lot Street renamed Queen Street in honor of Queen Victoria.

In the late nineties and during the twenty century, an influx of immigrants originated from various ethnicities such as Irish, Jewish, Chinese, Polish, Ukrainian, and Portuguese moved to the area and turned Queen Street to a real multicultural community. In the late twenties, Queen Street was the nexus of intellectuals, artists, hipsters, and major media and broadcasting companies that had their offices there. By an astronomical increase in the prices, the original residents began to spread out to other parts of Toronto and left high-end boutiques and luxury stores and restaurants behind; whatever now we know as Queen Street West.

Queen Street West is a historically rich area and you can see old buildings here and there. Some of the landmarks are Noble Block (named after the landlord Emma Noble) near Queen West-Spadina Ave junction, Toronto’s Black Bull Tavern in Queen Street West at Soho St and the Boer War Memorial at University Avenue and Queen Street West.

Restaurants & Pubs in Queen Street West

They say that Toronto’s Queen Street West is the paradise of shopping but really trendy restaurants and bars are not so much less. In the morning, afternoon, or evening, if you are anywhere in Queen Street West, for sure, a decent eatery will be in your immediate vicinity.

restaurants Toronto's Queen Street

Terroni at 720 Queen St West is a popular Italian restaurant. Their pasta and burrata are tempting. In Canis French restaurant just at Niagara St, you will have a memorable dining. They are known for their laid-back atmosphere and ever-changing menu and each time you will have a different experience. Just remember to reserve early there. Smoque N’ Bones BBQ just in front side of Trinity Bellwoods Park is a must to have a meal. They are specialized in slow-cooked meats & traditional sides.

The County General is located just at the turn into Shaw St from Queen West. Admired by many customers, their fried chicken is second to none. Just at the corner of Gore Vale Ave, beside Trinity Bellwoods Park, you will find Nadège Patisserie, a chic French patisserie. They serve all pastries, croissants, macarons & chocolate.

Toward the far west of Queen St West you will hit The Good Son. Their fresh-green salads, mushroom dishes, cheeseburgers, spicy tomato-rich pizzas, and whole roasted chicken are unreal. Last but not least, on Ossington Ave you can find an array of pubs and bars such as Union, Côte de Boeuf, and Boralia to eat and drink.

Nightlife in Queen Street West Neighbourhood

Queen Street West gets very lively at night. You can see flocks of people everywhere dancing, drinking, and chattering. If you are looking for live rock‘n’roll music in a fun atmosphere, Bovine Sex Club near Bathurst St is the place. Head to The Black Bull pub near Spadina Ave for a memorable party with your friends in an awesome open-air patio.

nightlife Toronto's Queen Street

On Saturday evenings there are very entertaining shows and music events ongoing at The Rex Hotel. Gladstone Hotel and The Drake Hotel, two refurbished hotels at the far west of Queen Street are great places to stay one or two nights in downtown Toronto.

Shopping Excursion on Queen Street West Neighbourhood

Near Trinity Bellwoods Park eastside, Meg is a specialty in women’s clothing and accessories. In front of Euclid Ave you can visit Zane. If you are looking for fashionable handbags, jewelry or sunglasses, Zane is your best bet.

shopping Toronto's Queen Street

Vivorosa, a Canadian shoemaker, is located at 395 Queen St West just before Spadina Ave. Their chic pinky storefront speaks for itself. You can find all sorts of classic shoes and boots. 60% off tag is something frequent on there! Gravitypope just beside Ossington Ave is famous for its shoes and warm clothing.

If you are looking for stylish dresses you have to visit the Canadian designer Hayley Elsaesser. In front of Trinity Bellwoods Park just at the corner of Strachan Ave, Park & Province is one of the best men’s clothing and accessories stores in Toronto.

Sightseeing in Queen Street West Neighbourhood

Strolling and sightseeing along Queen Street West is one of a kind leisure. Book-lovers can stop at Type Books and explore the most recent fiction and nonfiction books. Dynasty plant store on Ossington Ave is inviting and there is always something to see. Appreciating the beauty and inhaling the fresh odor of green plants is really an unparalleled pleasure.

North of Queen St West at 317 Dundas St W, AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) is glimmering with Canadian and European art masterworks. Trinity Bellwoods Park is the place to go picnic, relax in the shade of giant trees, or soak the sun on a summer day.

Recreation in Queen Street West Neighbourhood

Trinity Community Recreation Centre in Trinity Bellwoods Park provides all things you need from free weights and treadmills to the swimming pool and a yard for kids to play. Bang Fitness, a five-star gym at 610 Queen West near Markham St, is where you can sweat it out and make a muscle and callouses!

Demography of Queen Street West Neighbourhood

Queen Street West is a mix of young adults and families, but single households make the largest group of the residents. Nearly half of the population are singles, a quarter is young couples and the remaining quarter is mostly one-child families.

A little more than half of the residents are renters and most of them are living in medium and high rise condos and apartments. The average household income in Queen Street West is about $96,000 a year. Almost half of the residents are university graduates and about 40% of the population commute to other parts of Toronto for their profession.

Thanks to many restaurants, pubs and recreation clubs in the area, the residents main leisure, especially at nights, is spending time in these places.

Stanley Park: An Urban Oasis in Queen Street West, Toronto

Stanley Park Queen Street West Toronto

Nestled in the vibrant Queen Street West neighborhood of Toronto, Stanley Park stands as a cherished green space amidst the bustling cityscape. Serving as a vital recreational and social hub for local residents and visitors alike, Stanley Park offers a range of activities and amenities that make it one of the most important parks in the area.

A Community Gathering Spot

Stanley Park’s well-maintained facilities cater to a diverse crowd, making it a popular meeting point for friends, families, and fitness enthusiasts. The park features two baseball diamonds, a soccer field, and tennis courts, providing ample opportunity for sports lovers to engage in their favorite activities. These facilities are well-used by local leagues and casual players, fostering a sense of community and active living.

Green Space and Leisure

Stanley Park Queen Street West Toronto

Beyond sports, Stanley Park offers lush, green lawns perfect for picnicking, sunbathing, or just relaxing with a good book. The park’s mature trees provide shady spots that are especially welcome during the warm summer months. For dog owners, the park is a haven, featuring an off-leash area where pets can run freely and socialize, making it a social space for pet owners as well.

Children’s Play Area

At the heart of Stanley Park is a well-equipped children’s play area, which includes modern and safe playground equipment for kids of all ages. The playground is a bustling spot, brimming with the laughter of children, and acts as a safe haven for young families in the neighborhood to gather, play, and connect.

Accessibility and Integration

Stanley Park Queen Street West Toronto

One of Stanley Park’s strengths lies in its accessibility. Easily reachable by foot, bike, or public transit from anywhere in Queen Street West, the park serves as a green escape that is seamlessly integrated into the urban fabric. Its paths are well-maintained, making it ideal for jogging, dog-walking, or a leisurely stroll.

Community Events and Activities

Stanley Park is not only a place for daily leisure and exercise but also plays host to various community events throughout the year. These include outdoor movie nights, small festivals, and cultural gatherings that utilize the open space to bring people together, enhancing the park’s role as a community focal point.

To Sum Up

Stanley Park is more than just a park; it is a vibrant community asset that enhances the quality of life for residents of Queen Street West and beyond. Its combination of recreational facilities, green spaces, and community-focused activities make it an essential part of the neighborhood’s identity. For anyone residing in or visiting the Queen Street West area, Stanley Park offers a perfect blend of nature and urban convenience, providing a peaceful yet vibrant escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you’re looking to engage in sports, enjoy nature, or participate in community events, Stanley Park invites you to explore and enjoy its many offerings.

Real Estate in Queen Street West

A variety of condos and apartments are dominant properties in Queen Street West but detached and semi-detached houses and merchant class Victorian cottages are also frequent.

Some notable residential amenities are Bohemian Embassy complex in West Queen West, condos at 150 Sudbury Street and 109 Ossington Avenue, Origami lofts at 202 Bathurst St and Q lofts at 1205 Queen Street West.

Average price of houses in Queen St West is $1,290,000 which is about 25% higher than Toronto’s average house price. Condo prices start from around $500,000 and houses are starting from around $1,000,000 and higher. Currently, house rentals are in a range of $3000-$6000, and condos are being rented in a range of $1700-$3700.


Queen Street West is a cool place to live and work. Whether you want to enjoy your life as a single or want to start a family, Queen Street West with immediate accessibility to Toronto’s downtown core, Financial District, neighbourhoods such as Yorkville, Annex and Distillery District, and providing all kinds of urban amenities and unmatched houses is a serious option to think of. If you are looking to purchase a house in the area, you can simply message us or just fill in our short form to get connected to one of the Best Toronto Real estate Agents. In no time, a top agent who covers Queen Street West will contact you.

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