The beautiful and affluent Rosedale neighborhood of Toronto is known for more than 150 years as one of the wealthiest and most highly-priced areas in Canada.

This posh neighborhood which is located north of Downtown Toronto borrowed its name from the wild roses that grew in abundance on the hillsides of this old suburban area. What makes the Rosedale neighborhood special is its gorgeous homes and flexuous roads surrounded by lovely parkland and ravines.

If you think about living in Rosedale you should know that in addition to all these natural beauties, you will have various recreational opportunities and easy access to the Downtown facilities and services. You can ask a professional Toronto realtor for more information about Rosedale’s housing market. But I am going to show you some of the most interesting features of Toronto’s Rosedale neighborhood.

History of Rosedale

Let’s start with the glorious old days when Sheriff William Botsford Jarvis and his wife -Anne Muray- settled in this area of Toronto in the 1820s. One of the most famous features of Rosedale, which is its meandering streets, was created by Anne’s frequent horseback rides through this area. In 1864, they sold the Rosedale homestead as a “garden suburb” resulted in its division into two north and south areas.

These days, Toronto’s Rosedale neighborhood is bounded by the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks to the north, Rosedale Valley Road to the south. Yonge Street is the west side of this neighbourhood and Bayview Avenue to the east. The fantastic Park Drive Ravine divides this area into the north and south portions and all the area is still flourished by the abundance of trees and foliage. However, because of these wide green areas in Rosedale, you can hardly hear vehicular traffic in this luxury neighbourhood despite being situated in the middle of Toronto.

Rosedale Real Estate

What people love about Rosedale is living in the picturesque historical and modern mansions built between 1860 and 1940 located in one of Canada’s wealthiest communities. You can find different architectural styles of Toronto houses in this neighborhood, including Edwardian, Tudor, Victorian or Georgian style houses. Sometimes, you may feel like you are living in classic and dreamy old movies. Most of these beautiful historic houses of Rosedale are listed on the Toronto Historical Board’s Inventory of Heritage Properties.

Rosedale Real Estate

Most of these spacious houses are single-family detached dwellings. Some of the Rosedale gorgeous historic houses have golf carts to drive around. Therefore, Toronto’s lovely mansions in the middle of meandering roads, local ravines and pedestrian-friendly streets won’t be cheap. But believe me! It will be worth it to buy and live in such heritage houses with professionally manicured lawns and a very peaceful vibe.

Demography of Rosedale

Rosedale has a population of 8,267 residents with a median age of 50.3 years old, of which 42% are families with kids. The cost of living in Rosedale is 67% higher than the Toronto average and also Rosedale housing is 266% higher than the national average. You can find the best of Toronto’s luxury mansions and heritage properties for sale in the Rosedale neighborhood.

For more affordable options as a good entry to this wealthy neighborhood, you can find some condominiums and co-ownership apartment buildings at South Rosedale. Start your search in the Toronto real estate market and find the best time to buy a Toronto house with such classical architecture in the charming Rosedale neighbourhood.

In addition to all the perfect outdoor recreations, boutiques, restaurants, pubs and cafes in the area, Rosedale offers some of the high-quality schools to make sure about your children’s education too. Some of them are Rosedale Junior Public School, Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, Whitney Jr Public School and Branksome Hall. Branksome Hall is a girl’s private school that offers an International Baccalaureate program. So, everything is available in the affluent Rosedale neighborhood for you and your lovely family.

Where to go in Toronto’s Rosedale neighborhood

Rosedale is filled with natural beauties like ravines and beautiful trails. If you are a walking enthusiast, it means you will have easy access to Rosedale’s ravine trails and Parks. Rosedale is literally surrounded by the Vale of Avoca, Moore Park, Park Drive and Rosedale Valley ravines.

 Rosedale Park

Rosedale Park located at 20 Schofield Avenue was once the site for the first Grey Cup football game. Now, it is home to the annual spring park party and has eight tennis courts, an artificial ice rink. There is also a baseball diamond, a wading pool, a playground, a multipurpose field, one outdoor table tennis and one drinking fountain.

Rosedale Park

There is street parking around the park available. You can enjoy your day having a picnic in Rosedale Park with your family. Your children can play at the wading pool with beautiful splash features and you can have fun at the nice running track or their great tennis club. There is also a special event, which is usually held the first Saturday in May, usually consists of rides, games, flea markets and some carnival-like activities.

Ramsden Park

Another green park in the Rosedale neighborhood is Ramsden Park located at 1020 Yonge Street. This 13.7-acre public park is one of the largest parks around the Downtown Toronto neighborhood Ramsden Park was once home to the Yorkville BrickYards. Now it is renovated and has many interesting features, including four tennis courts, an artificial ice rink, a multi-purpose sports court, a skatepark and a wading pool. There is also a newly built playground and a fenced-in dog park. Everything is beautifully prepared for the pleasure of the residents of the Rosedale neighborhood.

North Toronto Station

This beautiful Beaux-Arts style building is a former Canadian Pacific Railway station that is now home to a Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) liquor store. It was built in 1916 to service the Canadian Pacific Railway. The building has a three-story main terminal. This Toronto’s historical building in Toronto also has a 43-metre clock tower. North Toronto Station’s main terminal gallery has a 38-foot-high ceiling.  You can see beautifully marble designed walls as a part of its interior. This charming interior design is completed with elegant bronze chandeliers. The majestic clock tower now serves as a wine tasting area.

North Toronto Station

In May 1939, the station hosted a visit from King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on their first visit to Toronto. After over 20 years serving as a Canadian Pacific Railway station, the WWII returning soldiers were the last rail passengers commuting through the station. These days, it is renovated and reopened as the largest liquor store in Canada.

Where to eat in Rosedale 

Besides all the interesting ravines and green spaces that you can find in Rosedale, there are also many luxury restaurants, pubs and cafes.

The Rosedale Diner

The Rosedale Diner is an excellent place. There is a super-friendly ambience and amazing food selection. You can also taste their local/craft beers and wines for a diner.

Rosedale Diner

This cozy place has a covered patio and a very interesting menu. The food is delicious and there are many vegetarian options on their menu. It is a small but charming place that gives you a homey feeling located at 1164 Yonge Street. Their burgers and Shakshuka are tasty and don’t forget to try their special sauce SCHUG, so yummy! I bet you The Rosedale Diner will exceed your expectations.

 Dolce Bakery

If you are looking to taste Italy in Toronto’s Rosedale neighborhood, you better go to Dolce Bakery. This lovely bakery was opened in 2018 and gives you a delightful experience of Italian culture and gourmet food. They have Italian Cornetti and pastries, panini, Neapolitan pizza, as well as smoothies and gelatos. So, no matter you’re looking for a quick bite or something to bring home, Dolce Bakery can provide you with top quality, imaginative and delicious baked treats.

where to eat in Toronto's Rosedale neighborhood

Black Camel

If you are a big fan of sandwiches, then try Black Camel. This Sandwich bar is located at 4 Crescent Road near the Rosedale subway station. They offer high-quality savory food at a fair price. The most interesting feature of Black Camel is that you can personalize your meal with unique in-house prepared sauces and toppings. Don’t forget to try their slow-roasted beef brisket sandwich 😉


Toronto’s Rosedale neighborhood offers all kinds of opportunities, facilities and luxury houses to its residents. It is an ideal neighborhood for larger families. For those who want to live close to downtown Toronto but in a quiet community, Rosedale is a great choice. So, if you decide to find a Toronto house in Rosedale, Contact one of Top Toronto realtors. You can set a free consultation and find your future Rosedale house. Just click on the Home page and you’ll get there.