Toronto’s East Bayfront Neighborhood 

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Toronto’s East Bayfront Neighborhood
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“East Bayfront Neighbourhood Map”

The East Bayfront Neighborhood is a neighborhood in Toronto waterfront that is very close to downtown. In recent years new buildings and commercial developments changed this neighborhood’s view and it’s yet under development. Once its development is complete there would be 6.000 new residential units, 3 million square feet of commercial space and many park and public spaces.

East Bayfront

This emerging neighborhood in Toronto is bordered by the rail line and Gardiner Expressway to the north, Parliament Street to the east, and Jarvis Street to the west. This beautiful downtown neighborhood in Toronto has access to almost everything that can be found in the city. It is also an intelligent community in which all homes and businesses are wired into a fibre optic technology that includes WiFi Services for all. This feature attracted many cutting-edge businesses to establish their offices in this neighborhood.

East Bayfront Neighborhood residents

This neighborhood is close to everything in Toronto. Downtown is just after the expressway, which makes it a downtown neighborhood. So young professionals who don’t like long commutes, enjoy great views of Lake Ontario on the sight, and live in a modern condo, with great income to make all these happen, are basic residents of the East Bayfront Neighborhood. The crowd age in this neighborhood is early 30s.

East Bayfront


Another project under development in this area is George Brown College Waterfront Campus with the capacity for 3.500 students. This project could decrease crowd age in the East Bayfront Neighborhood. As a Toronto based Real Estate Agent we recommend this neighborhood to young professionals and families who can enjoy all its great urban features.

One can classify East Bayfront residents as upper middle class young professionals with an income around $75.000. New immigrants to Canada are also another community in this area’s population. There are many immigrants in the East Bayfront Neighborhood from the Philippines, China, Nepal, and India.

East Bayfront Neighborhood homes and architecture

The first residential phase of the East Bayfront Neighborhood is Aqualina, which was designed by renowned architects and contains 363 condominium suites. Aqualina has some distinctive features like using glass and steel, and balcony designs intend to maximize views of the Toronto lansace and Lake.

There are other residential projects and buildings that are under development in this area. The Monde development lacated north of Queens Quay is the first private sector development in the East Bayfront. Monde features residential, retail, office, and institutional uses with great and impressive views of Lake Ontario.

This neighborhood is an under development area with brand new buildings with high materials. So it’s somehow an expensive neighborhood with new homes and advanced technology. There are also few old detached Toronto style houses in this neighborhood.

The other great feature of this neighborhood is its capacity to retail and develop shops and stores. In designing East Bayfront Neighborhood, retail stores have been put at a priority. So once its development is done, it would host many shops and stores at the ground level. This means it could be a commercial downtown neighborhood with great amenities.

East Bayfront Transportation

Public transportation is strong in this neighborhood with 2 bus lines and also access to the subway line. The Bay 6 bus runs from Union Station to Dockside Drive in the middle of East Bayfront where George Brown College and Sherbourne Common are located. There is also another bus which runs south and north with a connection to the Bloor-Danforth subway line. For those who like private transportation, Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway are great roads to ride. As a Toronto Based Real Estate agent I can say that this neighborhood is one of the best access providing neighborhoods in the city.

East Bayfront Recreational Sites

The public realm in this neighborhood is designed to bring recreational sites in the heart of the city. This waterfront neighborhood has beautiful landscapes to enjoy by residents. Some its recreational sites are as the following:

Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach

This place once was an old parking lot at sugar factory. But urban designers decided to turn it into an urban beach. After this reconstruction this urban beach became one of the most well used public spaces in Toronto. Sugar Beach will extend to the north and its project is not completed yet.

waterfront promenade

Waterfront Promenade

This is another public place located in the East Bayfront Neighborhood. It is a 1.5km waterside promenade with amazing wave designed benches. This promenade in the future will stretch the entire length from Jarvis to Parliament and will be lined with coffee shops and restaurants.

Sherbourne Common Park

Sherbourne Common Park

This is a 3.6 acre park that stretches from Promenade to the Lakeshore. It is the second big park in the East Bayfront. Its design is according to world-class architectures and there are many facilities in this park.

Aitken Place Park

This public park is located close to Aquavista Condos and will develop as part of the Bayside project. This park will offer opportunities for recreation and play, as well as quiet places to enjoy waterfront views.

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East Bayfront Neighborhood Lifestyle

This neighborhood is close to everything. Downtown is right on the other side of the Expressway, which makes commuting to work a really easy task. There are many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in this neighborhood. East Bayfront Neighborhood is also very close to the Distillery District with many fashion shops and entertainment districts. As we mentioned earlier, there are many recreational sites available in this neighborhood, including a promenade which connects the waterfront to the Harbourfront boardwalk and the Martin Goodman Trail with many restaurants, coffee shops, and shops.

East Bayfront

East Bayfront Neighborhood Distinctive Features

There are many reasons why this neighborhood will become one of Toronto’s best neighborhoods. Its primary distinctive feature is its location. It is a designed waterfront community in a downtown setting. This new neighborhood is made from scratch close to waterfront and downtown. This is a unique feature you can not find in other cities.

Second reason why the East Bayfront Neighborhood will be a great neighborhood in Toronto is that it contains many recreational sites and public parks. We discussed this feature in previous parts. What is great about these parks is their interaction with Waterfront views and downtown views. These parks connect various places of this neighborhood to other parts of the city.

As you know, the East Bayfront Neighborhood is an under-development place. There are many plans for new jobs that would be ready after it being complete. So this active neighborhood with its great buildings and constructions would be adopting many new jobs.

The other distinctive feature of this neighborhood is that the companies that are working on its constructions are all top brands in construction activities. So this neighborhood would be a brand new neighborhood located at the heart of Toronto downtown. As a Toronto based Real Estate Agent we can define these distinctive features as potential advantages over other neighborhoods at Toronto.

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Last words

The East Bayfront neighborhood with its unique and styled condos will be a great option for those who like to live close to downtown but also have access to Waterfront and its amazing view and weather. If you want to make a move to the East Bayfront Neighborhood, you can consult with our professional real estate agents who help you to find the best possible choices for living in this fantastic neighborhood.

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