Toronto’s Corso Italia Neighborhood

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Toronto Corso Italia Neighborhood

Corso Italia is one of Toronto’s smallest and coolest neighborhoods with a lively cultural ambience. The residents of Corso Italia are mostly Italian or Portuguese. Corso Italia’s residents have easy access to two major subway lines of the city and the stores, schools, and parks within a walking distance. This old-fashioned neighbourhood gives you the feeling of living in a village within the big city of Toronto.

If you are a big fan of friendly local communities, you better know that Corso Italia is where shopkeepers remember your name and your favorites. Keep reading to know more about the interesting places in Toronto’s Corso Italia neighborhood. However, since the Corso Italia real estate prices are 4% lower than the Toronto average, ask for professional advice from a top Toronto real estate agent if you plan to move there.

History of Corso Italia

The area was settled by British settlers in the 1900s. During the Great Depression, this area was surrounded by Jewish communities from 1929 to 1939. But in the 1950s, a large wave of Italian immigrants settled here and changed the dynamic of the neighborhood. Over the last century, many Italian immigrants from the Little Italy neighborhood have moved to St. Clair Avenue. The area was host to more than 20,000 Italians until 1991. However, the character of Corso Italia is still Italian. In 1984, this neighborhood was a Business Improvement Area (BIA) in Toronto.

Demography of Corso Italia

Today, more than 80% of the Corso Italia population is made up of first- or second-generation immigrants, including Italians and Portuguese living in this vibrant community together. Based on the public census, the Major ethnic populations of Corso Italia include 26.1% Portuguese, 20.7% Italian. Corso Italia has an exceptional Livability Score of 78/100, and the cost of living in this neighborhood is 2% lower than the Toronto average. The families population is slightly larger than singles compared to downtown Toronto.

The best school districts for families with children living in the Corso Italia neighborhood include St. Clare’s Catholic Elementary School, Hudson College for elementary and high school (private school), Unchetta Academy for high school and Humber Institute for continuing studies.

Architecture of Corso Italia

The Corso Italia neighborhood is filled with 80-100 years’ old semi-detached and detached houses, which are tightly packed in this European-style neighborhood. Most of them are 2-story townhouses with splendid gardens in backyards showing the historic architecture and strong Cultural roots of Corso Italia. Many of the buildings in Corso Italia still have old-style architecture which is uncommon compared to the rest of the city. Based on Toronto real estate market information, the average housing price in Corso Italia is currently about $1.2 million.

St. Clare’s Roman Catholic Church

St. Clare’s Roman Catholic Church

This beautiful Church, located at St. Clair Ave. West, was built in 1922 in Renaissance Revival style. But in fact, the church has started providing services as Roman Catholic Church and Roman Catholic education since 1908. St. Clare’s Catholic Elementary School has also opened next door in 1910.

In the 20th century, this church experienced major restorations. Today, its stained glass windows have varying styles, because the windows were purchased at different times. However, many of the architectural elements of the original building have been preserved, including the baptismal font and bas relief Stations of the Cross.

Where to go in Corso Italia

After WWII and the immigration of Italians to Corso Italia, it was a strip lined with retailers and locals. Today, the neighborhood has strong roots in both Italian and Latin American culture. In every corner of this multicultural area, you can find perfect fresh markets, bakeries, restaurants, cafés, and gelato shops.

Earlscourt Park Toronto Corso Italia Neighborhood

Earlscourt Park

One of the largest recreational facilities in Toronto is Earlscourt Park which is famous for the Joseph J. Piccininni Community Centre in Corso Italia. It is a 12.6-hectare park located along St. Clair Avenue West. There are many different activities for every generation. That is why this park is one of Toronto’s busiest parks.

The best features of Earlscourt Park include a soccer field, a lit multipurpose sports field and track, a ball diamond, four tennis courts, basketball court, volleyball court, a children’s playground, a twenty-five-meter swimming pool, a senior’s lounge and walking paths, all available throughout the year. It also has a fenced dog’s off-leash area and different art activities.

Libraries in Corso Italia

This neighborhood has two popular libraries: the St. Clair College Library with the largest collection of Italian books in Toronto, and the St. Clair-Silverthorn Library reflecting the area’s multicultural diversity and offering Italian, Greek, and Punjabi books.

The St. Clair College Library is located at the major intersection of Dufferin Street and St. Clair Ave. West. They offer lots of books in quiet working areas. They also have private group rooms, 24-hour book drop, a reading garden, wheelchair accessible furniture, computers available for regular use and many college textbooks to borrow. In 2010, it was the winner of the Ontario Library Association’s Library Building Award.

St. Clair College Library

St. Clair/Silverthorn Library, located at 748 St. Clair Avenue West, offers a very relaxing place to read a book. It was opened in June 1981. They have a much kid-friendly staff and many fun activities including adult coloring, toddler/baby time and Lego time. The positive point is that the Children section and study section are separated on two different floors. They also have 24-hour book drop and meeting rooms with LCD projectors.

Where to eat in Corso Italia

If you are looking for a friendly community, the welcoming ambience of Corso Italia will be the best option for you. Walking through sidewalk cafés and patios and watching people from different generations sipping the finest espresso would be a delicate experience.

In Corso Italia, you can start your day with a wonderful combination of fine Italian gelato and a great cup of coffee at La Paloma. This authentic gelateria and café were opened in 1967, providing great-tasting Italian gelato with 75+ flavors in this neighborhood. La Paloma does not just offer the best gelato outside Italy, they are the winner of the Vaughan’s Best Espresso Bar contest, based on the City Life Magazine.

Vaughan’s Best Espresso Bar

Tre Mari Bakery is a family business that offers everything of the best quality, from pastries to deli meats and espresso. They have been working since 1960 as a lovely place where people love to gather. Over the decades, this family-run business always has its own loyal customers who enjoy the quality selection of homemade foods and experience the marvelous taste of Italian bakery.

And for having the best pizza in this Italian neighborhood, our recommendation would be Frank’s Pizza House. It is one of the best and oldest pizzerias in the city. It is selected as the Best Pizza in Toronto by Now Magazine. It is another family business in this neighborhood that has been active since 1992. You can enjoy the wonderful taste of classic Italian panzerotti and calzones, the best pizza with the aroma of freshly made dough and savory espresso.

For a completely diverse experience in Corso Italia, you can try Rio 40 Degrees Restaurant. This Brazilian restaurant has been operating for 13 years and it is well known among Brazilians and Canadians. They offer great taste foods in a lovely atmosphere with a big space plus a sidewalk patio. They also have some Portuguese and Italian dishes on their menu, among which the pizzas and desserts are the most popular ones. Enjoy the fresh and tasty food with your family and friends on their lovely patio.

Special Features of Corso Italia Neighbourhood

If you are looking for a vibrant, safe and culturally diverse neighborhood in Toronto, Corso Italia is the perfect place to call home. Corso Italia is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Toronto, making it a great opportunity for any Toronto real estate agent.

With its mix of Italian and Portuguese culture, Corso Italia is full of history and a great location for anyone looking to buy a home. The Corso Italia neighborhood is known for its thriving Italian and Portuguese culture. With over 1,000 businesses in the area, it’s a great spot to shop, eat, and explore.

Corso Italia is also home to a number of cultural events throughout the year, such as the Corso Italia Festival and the annual Corso Italia Festival Parade.

Corso Italia Neighbourhood

Is Corso Italia Safe?

Safety is another one of the many special features of Corso Italia. Corso Italia is considered one of the safest neighborhoods in the city, with a low crime rate and excellent public safety services.

The area is also well-lit and has plenty of street surveillance, so you can feel secure knowing that you are in good hands.


In terms of transportation, Corso Italia is in a great location. The area is well-serviced by public transit, making it easy to get to and from the neighborhood.

Additionally, there are plenty of bike lanes and trails in the area, so you can get around without any worries.

Corso Italia is also home to a number of parks and green spaces, making it the perfect place to take a stroll or enjoy a picnic. The neighborhood is also close to several schools, so it’s  a great spot to raise a family.

Overall, Corso Italia is a great place to call home. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant, safe neighborhood or a great place to raise a family, Corso Italia has something to offer everyone. As a Toronto real estate agent, this is an excellent opportunity for buyers to purchase a home that is sure to appreciate in value.

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