Top 5 Toronto Catholic Elementary Schools

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Top 5 Toronto Catholic Elementary Schools

As you may read our previous blog post about TOP 10 Schools of Toronto, here, in this blog post we put together almost all of the information you need to know about Top 5 Toronto Catholic Schools.

This list is provided to answer the question we usually are asked: What are The Best Catholic Schools in Toronto?. The Catholic Schools lists range from Canadian Martyrs in the East End to St. Mary of the Angles in the West End of Toronto, all the way up to Blessed Sacrament in Uptown. The below schools are among English-track schooling in Toronto. You can have options like St. Cecelia as a French Immersion school too, if that’s what you’re looking for, please let us know.


St. Sebastian (West End)
Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Midtown)
St. Bonaventure Elementary School (Uptown)
St. Vincent de Paul (West End)
Holy Rosary (Midtown)


Now let’s take a look at more details about our top 5 Catholic Elementary schools here in Toronto:

1- St. Sebastian Catholic Elementary School

The Best Catholic Elementary Schools of Toronto on our list is St. Sebastian Catholic Elementary School. It is located in the West End of Toronto. This school is in the Toronto CDSB school district and has the highest Fraser Rating number of 10. This top elementary school of Toronto has grades from Junior Kindergarten to the 8th.

In a school community formed by Catholic beliefs and traditions, their mission is to educate students to their full potential. They provide a safe and welcoming learning environment that is an example of Christian Community.

They meet the diverse needs of their students by having a wide range of programs. Daily prayers, liturgies, masses, mission projects, Advent, Christmas, Lenten and Easter activities are some of the public manifestations of their Catholicity. Ongoing activities involving building bridges, peace education and peer mediation enhance the Catholic dimension. This school’s students will be required to follow the TCDSB’s Appropriate Dress Code protocol.

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2- Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School

This catholic school of Toronto is located in Midtown Toronto. This school is in the Toronto CDSB school district and accepts students from Junior Kindergarten to Eighth Grade.

Their ideal students are formed in Catholic Faith and apply Christian values to life’s opportunities, challenges and choices.

This school provides The School Parking Lot which is for staff and parents. Bus Drop off zone is in front of this school which is for large and mini buses that transport students to and from school and school activities. These vehicles move freely in and out of this zone as they are on tight schedules.

3- St. Bonaventure Elementary School

This Top school is located in Toronto’s North York. The school was opened in January 1957 as an eight-classroom school. With the growth of population and developing the community of the Don Mills, the need for more space became apparent. In 1962, an additional seven classrooms and a library were built. A second addition, containing a gymnasium, change rooms and a stage, was built in 1969 and their mission is nurturing the spiritual, intellectual, physical and social growth of each community member.

St. Bonaventure Catholic School is named after one of the first great scholastic thinkers of Christianity. Bonaventure was born in Italy and lived from 1217 to 1274. He entered the Franciscan order as a simple Friar around 1234 and began his studies at the University of Paris. Over the years, Bonaventure became an outstanding lecturer, philosopher, theologian and doctor of the church. In 1273, Pope Gregory named Bonaventure as a Cardinal. Bonaventure died suddenly in 1274 while preparing material for the second council of Lyons. His feast is celebrated on July 14.

4- St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School

Since 1914, St. Vincent de Paul (SVDP) Catholic school has been an engaged and supportive elementary school community, and a faith-filled, challenging, and exciting place to learn.

This school accepts students from Junior Kindergarten to Eighth Grade and is located in Toronto’s Roncesvalles. Students start core French in Grade 1, and Extended French is available for students starting in Grade 5. Instrumental music (strings) starts in grade 6.  They strive to provide an exceptional education within a nurturing learning environment for all Their students. One that fosters faith development, and a passion for learning, creativity, and independent thinking.

Activities in the classroom and beyond help students uncover their talents, develop the desire to use their gifts in service to the Common Good, and the self-confidence to pursue their dreams. On this strong foundation, SVDP prepares its students to embrace the future!

They offer wide range of extra curriculum activities like outdoor learning, and field trips to outdoor education centres, provincial destinations and city day trips. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) is a school-wide focus – Waterloo math contests, STEAM Days, music festivals, ballroom dancing and drama presentations. School teams and clubs include W5H, chess team, math and coding clubs, choir, and a wide range of athletics from cross-country and track-and-field to soccer, volleyball and basketball.

5- Holy Rosary Catholic School

Holy Rosary Catholic School is an inclusive learning community rooted in the love of Christ. They educate students to grow in grace and knowledge and to lead lives of faith, hope and charity, with respect for themselves and the world around them. They transform the world through witness, faith, innovation and action at this school.

Holy Rosary Catholic School is located next to Holy Rosary Church in midtown Toronto. Both the school and the church serve a dynamic and diverse community that includes neighbourhoods of varied socio-economic strata as well as people from many ethno-cultural backgrounds.

The cornerstone of the original Holy Rosary Church was laid on May 8, 1892. At that time a large Irish Catholic community was settling in the St. Clair – Bathurst area. The original school was built in 1921 and had an enrolment of 83 students in its first year. Additions to the original school structure were made in 1963 and 1973. Holy Rosary Catholic School, in 2014 with its 220 students, stands in marked contrast to the school in 1921.

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You can easily register to all of these schools with the provided link below and we put all the related information on your fingertips:

Registration Process

Parents can apply by using the Board’s Online Application System

All elementary schools (kindergarten to 8) have a fixed attendance boundary. Based upon the student’s residential address, the form will identify the community school, transportation eligibility, and the fixed attendance boundary. Parents should apply to their community school first, and if needed, complete the Out-of-Boundary Request section. The child will be placed on a waiting list at the out-of-boundary school and the parent will only be notified, by that school, if space is available.

Upon completion of the online application, the parent will be invited to book a meeting with the school.  An email will be sent to the parent and school confirming the meeting, including a list of original documents the parent must bring to the appointment.

Completing the online form does not guarantee a registration or placement at the school. An application is complete when the completed application has been submitted to the school, a meeting with school personnel has taken place, and all documentation has been submitted and validated by the school.  An applicant is registered when you have been informed by the school that the registration is complete, and the child is pre-registered for September 2020.

Documents Required for Enrolment:

The following original documents (for your child) are required upon registration:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Proof of Catholicity (one of the following):
    – Your child’s Catholic Baptismal Certificate
    – The parents’ Catholic Baptismal Certificate (note: one parent requires proof)
  3. Immunization Record
  4. Proof of Address (2 items required – a rental/lease agreement, utility bills, proof of purchase)
  5. Passport/Immigration Documents (if child was not born in Canada)

Please note that a registration is not complete unless all the above required documents have been received at the school.

For further information or to make an appointment for registration, please contact your local elementary school.

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