Top 10 Elementary Schools in Downtown Toronto

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Top Elementary Schools in Downtown Toronto

Toronto is best known for hosting international students from all over the world. The point is that the Canadian government has given the authorization of hosting international students from all over the world.

If you are looking for a great elementary school in downtown Toronto, read this article. We also have a list of top elementary schools in Toronto make sure to read this article since the best elementary schools are introduced.

1- Ossington/Old Orchard Public School

Ossington/Old Orchard Public School (OOPS) is a Toronto’s English Language Elementary School. This school was established after the Ossington PS and Old Orchard PS amalgamation in 1983.

In fact, it’s one of the top elementary schools in downtown Toronto on a city block of beautiful housing, a treed hillside, gardens, an apple orchard, and a large playing field.

In Ossington/Old Orchard Public School, there is a very sophisticated computer lab, and grade 1-6 students can use Mac computers.

Students learn main types of computer software, such as PowerPoint, Google Docs, iMovie, Pixie, etc. Besides, there is an ORF-based music program in which students participate in spring and winter music concerts to display their talent.

There are also many other activities, such as cross country running, drama, French Club, track & field, dance & movement workshops, chess, board games, and Mandarin Club.

Ossington-Old Orchard Public School-Top Elementary Schools in Downtown Toronto

2- Pape Avenue Public School

Established in 1899, Pape Avenue Public School is one of the top elementary schools in downtown Toronto. Pape Avenue Public School offers kindergarten to 6th grade courses.

This school provides parents with a Parenting and Literacy Centre in which parents come together and do many activities, such as sharing the stories of parenting and discussing their parenting development.

Kindergarten students in this school go through a learning program that is aimed for preparing students for the 1st grade.

3- Swansea Public School

Swansea Public School is one of the top elementary schools in downtown Toronto. This school is located on Bloor St. and west of High Park in Toronto.

The school can enroll 950 students. Here, there is a great collaboration of students and staff, making development fast and great. The active parent group supports the school through fundraising and service.

4- Crescent Town Public School

Founded in 1973, Crescent Town Public School is a very large elementary school and one of the top elementary schools in downtown Toronto. This Toronto elementary school has an enrollment of over 720 students.

The school provides a musical program called the Hammer Band’s from Violence to Violins for those who wish to learn musical instruments. This program is presented by professional teachers and world-class musicians.

Crescent Town Public School has a green team that tries to promote reducing waste, recycling, and the use of energy.

5- Orde Street Public School

Orde Street Public School was founded in 1914, which was first an accommodation for the constant influx of immigrants in Toronto.

You can expect to have kindergarten up to 8th grade in this school. The kindergarten offers before and after-school child care to the kids.

The partnership of the school with the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) offers the parents to visit the gallery, and students can attend Art Camps during the March and summer breaks.

They can also attend programs like after school coding programs, Knitting Club, After School Chess Institute Club, Forest of Reading Club, and the University of Toronto Athletes.

6- Rosedale Public School

Established in 1891, Rosedale Public School is an English Elementary School, running from JK to 6th grade.

This top Downtown Toronto school has employed technological services such as interactive whiteboard, 30 Chromebook computers, and a minimum of 3 iPad minis, making it one of the top elementary schools in downtown Toronto.

There is also a computer lab where students learn about main computer programs. Also, learning arts has a special place in this school, especially through the school’s partnership with professional authors and illustrators.

7- Owen Public School

Ecole Owen Public School is another top ranked school in downtown Toronto. Ecole Owen Public School is a dual-track elementary school because of dual-language instruction.

This includes English- from JK to Grade 5 and French – from SK to Grade 5 – helping students to be bilingual.

Having a world-class library, a computer lab, and an interactive whiteboard makes it easy for students and teachers to teach and learn.

8- Blythwood Public School

Established in 1922, Blythwood Public School is an elementary school in north Toronto, with an enrollment of over 400 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6.

Many sports facilities for volleyball, basketball, soccer, touch football, ice hockey, and track & field events so that students can enjoy learning in this school more.

9- John Ross Robertson Public School

John Ross Robertson Public School is one of the best elementary schools in Toronto, offering courses from junior Kindergarten to Grade 6.

This top elementary school in Toronto’s downtown offers a state-of-the-art computer lab, using the latest technology to offer academic programs to its students. Learning with the help of smart boards and iPads make learning easier and more enjoyable. Also, students learn band and string instruments from reputable teachers.

10- Hillmount Public School

Hillmount Public School is a public elementary school founded in 1971 with an enrollment of 240 students, running from Junior Kindergarten to 5th Grade.

With smartboards and computer labs, learning and teaching in Hillmount Public School is easy and delightful.

Hillmount Public School-Top Elementary Schools in Downtown Toronto

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There are many top elementary schools in downtown Toronto, all of which are able to enroll international students as well.

However, you need to know that proximity is one of the key factors in enrolling students so that it’s better to find a great school near your home.

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