Top 5 Condos in Toronto’s North York Neighbourhood

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Top Condos in Toronto's North York Neighbourhood

North York is the hub of high-end Toronto homes so potential buyers or renters have a wide range of options to choose from. North York is a very culturally diverse administrative district of Toronto.

The beauty of this area can be assessed from different aspects. For instance, North York is the home to many famous museums, such as Ontario Science Centre, Aga Khan Museum, and Canadian Air and Space Museum.

Also, there is a range of recreational options, entertainment centres, shopping centres, etc.

If you are looking for the best Toronto homes in this area, you are in the right place! Let’s take a look at the top 5 condos in Toronto’s North York Neighbourhood. 

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5- Emerald Park 

Located at 9 Bogert Ave & 11 Bogert Ave in North York, Emerald Park was built in 2015 by Bazis International.

Wrapped in a lovely shade of green glass, this high-rise condo offers 573 Toronto condos for sale and rent in 40 storeys. As for unit sizes, you can expect to see units from 579 square feet to 1957 square feet in one, two, and three-bedroom units.

Also, residents will enjoy 9-foot-ceilings, hardwood floors, and high-end kitchens. Also, a wide range of amenities, such as security systems, outdoor patio, indoor pool, Jacuzzi, meeting room, and many more, are available here.

Emerald Park is definitely one of the top 5 condos in Toronto’s North York Neighbourhood.

Emerald Park

4- Hullmark Centre

Hullmark Centre is one of the top 5 condos in Toronto’s North York Neighbourhood, located at 2 Anndale Dr. Offering 347 unique Toronto condos in 7 storeys.

Tridel developed the building in 2014. Toronto units in Hullmark Centre range from 462 to 2272 square feet in different floor plans, making it ideal for different types of potential renters.

However, one of the major features of Hullmark Centre is its wide range of amenities. Among these amenities, Sauna, Party Room, Security System, Outdoor Pool, Gym, and Parking Garage are noteworthy.

Hullmark Centre

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3- Ultra

Developed by Monarch Group in 2003, Ultra is one of the most iconic Toronto condos in North York.

Located at 2015 Sheppard Ave E, this 39-storey building offers 423 units with a wide range of sizes, from 343 to 929 square feet.

The view of the city from Toronto homes in Ultra is unique and can hardly be beaten by any other condo in North York.

Potential buyers will be impressed by the range of amenities in Ultra. Residents have the chance to enjoy yoga in the yoga studio in this building.

However, if you are a sports lover in general, a gym and indoor pool are also available for them. Besides, there is a great media room in Ultra, which makes it easy for you to enjoy your favorite movies on a silver screen.


2- Gibson Square North Tower

Developed in 2015 by Menkes, Gibson Square North Tower is a 42-storey modern Toronto Condominium, offering over 440 units.

There is a wide range of unit sizes, from 567 square feet to 2076 square feet, which makes it ideal for different types of potential buyers, from singles to couples and families.

Let’s move on with amenities. To be clear, there are 20 features in Gibson Square North Tower that can be considered as amenities. Among these services, the outdoor patio, visitor lounge, sauna, indoor pool, security system, and party room are noteworthy.

Gibson Square North Tower

1- NY Place

When talking about the top 5 condos in Toronto’s North York Neighbourhood, no one can ignore NY Place.

Located at 17 Kenaston Gardens, NY Place is one of the gorgeous Toronto condos you can ever find in North York.

The very modern design of the building, along with a great range of unit sizes, from 475 square feet to 866 square feet, makes it perfect, especially for first-time buyers. The proximity of the building to public transit and highways is another factor that makes it perfect.

The range of amenities in NY Place is acceptable, and residents can enjoy a party room, security system, media and cinema room, gym, etc.

NY Place

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As mentioned, North York is one of the six administrative districts in Toronto and one of the bests in this city to stay in.

There are so many high-end and modern Toronto condos in this area, and you need to contact an expert Toronto real estate agent to get enough information about available Toronto homes in this area. However, the top 5 condos in Toronto’s North York neighbourhood were introduced above.

The more you search and gain information about homes, the better choice you have in the future.

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