Top 5 Condos in East Bayfront

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Top Condos in East Bayfront
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East Bayfront Neighborhood is one of the youngest neighborhoods in downtown Toronto. It is very close to downtown and at the same time, has great waterfront features like water views. This neighborhood has full access to fiber-optic technology that makes it a newly developed neighborhood. In this article we will introduce top condos in the East Bayfront neighborhood.

East Bayfront is one of the new neighborhoods in downtown Toronto that is made from scratch. This new neighborhood is home to brand new buildings with high materials which are made by construction companies’ brands. This neighborhood is very close to downtown and anything that you can find in Toronto, you can find there. Many real estate enthusiasts believe East Bayfront in the close future would be one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto. In the following, we try to introduce some of the best buildings and condos in this neighborhood.


5.Pier 27

Pier 27 on map

Pier 27 is another new condo development by Cityzen Development Group located at Queens Quay & Yonge St, Toronto. This building is located in Toronto’s East Bayfront, one of the best places to enjoy the waterfront. With a short walk outside the building, you can enjoy the outdoor shows or water-sports at the beach. Pier 27 is also very close to downtown and city amenities like St. Lawrence Market, ACC, Rogers Centre, and Sony Centre for Performing Arts; which makes it a great home for those who love culture and arts. It is one of the top condos in the East Bayfront.

Pier 27 is a luxury residential tower located in one of the best downtown areas of Toronto. Its residents are professional singles and couples who like it’s enjoyable lakefront views and features. It is a 35 storeys tower with 336 units. What is amazing about pier 27 is that it is located at the most desirable lakefront in Toronto, and it is also very close to the cultural sites of this city. There are few high-demanding buildings in Toronto like Pier 27. Residents enjoy urban and water views of this building.

Monde Condominiums

4.Monde Condominiums

Monde Condominiums on map

Monde Condominiums is another waterfront tower located in downtown Toronto. It is the first private sector condominium in the East Bayfront Neighborhoods. This tower is built by Great Gulf Company with almost four decades of experience in developing residential, retail, industrial, and commercial buildings. This building is made by international designers and architects and in its design, they tried to make it a vibrant community.

Monde Condominiums is one of the top condos in the East Bayfront Neighborhood and Toronto in general. It is a 44 storeys tower located at Queens Quay & Dockside Dr, Toronto. Some of the most notable features of this tower are as the following:

  • International class design
  • State of the art amenities
  • Intelligent community with the fastest internet speed in the city
  • Floor to ceiling windows with water and urban views
  • Nearby green spaces
  • Ground-level shops

What is great about this condo is that you can find any amenities you want within its walking distances. From groceries to pharmacies, banks, college, pubs & wine bars, anything is in residents’ access. There are also many entertainment and cultural sites around this tower.

Monde Condominiums also has great access to public transportation. Many buses and subway stations around this tower make transportation easy for the residents. There are 516 units in this condo, with the majority of its residents being young professionals.

Lighthouse East Tower by the Daniels

3.Lighthouse East Tower by the Daniels

Lighthouse on map

The Lighthouse Tower is one of the top condos in the East Bayfront that is made by The Daniels Corporation. This 48 Storeys building contains 516 units and is one of the most desirable waterfront buildings in Toronto. It is located at Queens Quay E & Lower Jarvis St, Toronto. This high demanding condo has 360 degrees lake and city views with Sugar Beach as its yard! Sugar Beach is the most public beach in the city, and as you can guess, it’s one of the closest recreational sites to this tower.

This complex also hosts some sports clubs with outdoor tennis and basketball courts. Many other amenities around this condo make it a comfortable place in downtown Toronto. You can almost find all the everyday needs in this area.


2.AQUAVISTA by Tridel


The last example of top condos in the East Bayfront is AQUAVISTA. This new condo development by Tridel is located at Queens Quay & Bonnycastle St, Toronto. It is a large 13 storeys building that contains 231 residential units. One of its advantages is that it is developed by Tridel which is one of Canada’s most trusted building companies.

Living in AQUAVISTA has many great features. East Bayfront has its distinctive feature of being a waterfront and a downtown neighborhood at the same time. This feature also applies to AQUAVISTA condos, which has great access to downtown and at the same time, has waterfront weather that you can enjoy and relax.

This condo is under development and its construction isn’t done yet. This brand new building is designed to offer optimal water views from most suites and will be home to a collection of large-sized residences. There are many recreational sites and amenities around this condo and also there are many plans for developing this area.

Public transportation is available for residents of this condo. Some many streetcars and buses connect passengers to the subway and other places in the city. As a Toronto based real estate agent I think this condo should be a high demanding condo after its development.

The Berczy


The Berczy on map

The Berczy Condos is a combination of a downtown location with the elegance of boutique living that is made by Concert properties, one of the most well-known brands in the construction industry. Its architecture and design incorporated various features of this neighborhood and Toronto’s heritage architecture. Some of the most important features of The Berczy Condos are as the following:

– Design: its design is one the best ones in City, which incorporates many features in its architecture

– Location: it is located in the heart of Toronto’s downtown

– Quality: materials and finishes that are used in this building are the best possible ones in the market

– The reputation of the builder

These features make these condos one of the most demanding buildings. It is one of the top condos in the East Bayfront neighborhood. The Berczy Condos 13 storeys building is located at 55 Front St East that is an attractive place for many people who work downtown because of its local amenities. There are many cafes, restaurants, and bars in this neighborhood.

One of the most amazing features of Berczy Condos is its interior design. Chapman Design Group is the interior designer of the project. You can find dramatic and beautiful terraces, inner courtyards, and many historical signs of Toronto architecture in its design. These features make it one of the most demanding and desirable condos in the city.

As a Toronto based real estate agent, I’ve seen a few buildings with this potential of the investment. Its location and amount of business growth in this area make it a great option for investors.

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