The Best Places To Live Around Toronto

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The best places to live around Toronto

The city of Toronto has many diverse neighborhoods and dwelling types to live in as a family, young couples or single individuals. Based on the Toronto real estate market, the prices are also varied in different parts of Toronto or near areas. However, in some Toronto suburbs you can find houses at lower prices, which can be the best places to live around Toronto.

The following cities are located around Toronto, they have good schools and green spaces and low crime rates. As a Toronto real estate agent, I can recommend these places as alternative places to live around Toronto.

The Best Places To Live Around Toronto


Oakville is Ontario’s largest town and it is located near Lake Ontario. Based on the 2016 census, it has 206,257 population. It is considered as a part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

More than 260 national and international companies are operating in Oakville. This neighborhood has been chosen as a destination for growing families by so many business executives. Because it is a safe neighbourhood, and there are many excellent private and public schools and different recreational facilities in this area.

The waterfront houses in Oakville are among the best in the GTA. There is also a magnificent collection of historical houses in Old Oakville dating back to the 1800s. Most of them have descriptive plaques showing information on the first residents of the house. The whole neighborhood is designed by beautiful Arts and Crafts, English Cottage and Tudor and Colonial and Georgian style houses.

The lines of sailboats at the harbor on the shores of Lake Ontario creates a beautiful and unforgettable picture of “old Oakville” in your mind.


Markham is the 4th largest city in the GTA with a large Asian population. Based on the 2016 census, it has a population of 328,966 residents with a median age of 41.1. 40% of Markham’s population came from East Asia. Some special events are held annually here such as the Markham Farmers’ Market, Music on Main, and Festival of Lights.

Markham Village has many historic homes aged back to the 1800s and early 1900s. But the style and design of the houses in the Main Street are quite varied including ranch bungalows, split-level homes, colonial revival homes and custom infill housing with attached garages. The streets have a rural shape and feeling. There is no sidewalk, but they are well treed.

The Pacific Mall is an Asian shopping center, which is known as the largest Asian shopping mall in the Western world. It was designed by Wallman Clewes Bergman Architects. This building is a significant combination of red brick, steel beams, and glass.

The Best Places To Live Around Toronto

The Markham Civic Centre is a city hall designed by brick and glass. It was first established and opened in 1990. The building is built on a large pond close to an 11.5-hectare park.

Morgan Park is a green square park at the center of Markham Village. It has a large playing field, swimming pool, tennis courts, bowling alley and children’s playground. Rouge Valley Trail is another memorable spot in Markham. A beautiful trail through the Milne Dam Conservation Park over the magnificent nature of Rouge River, perfect to walk or ride a bicycle.


Mississauga is a large city near Lake Ontario, with the population of over 828,854 residents. It is known as Canada’s 6th largest city. Mississauga was made up of a series of former villages and towns in 1974 and became one of Canada’s largest cities.

Development of Canada’s largest airport (Pearson International Airport) in the northeast part of Mississauga has been one of the main accelerators for Mississauga’s growth. Mississauga’s City Centre downtown core has the largest populations and many historic buildings, including the Mississauga Civic Centre with a unique clock tower, the Living Arts Centre, and the Central Library.


This area has a wonderful view of the waterfront on the shores of Lake Ontario. Mississauga which is known as one of the safest regions in Canada, has more than 480 parks and 23 main trail systems.

The largest Shopping center in eastern Canada—Square One—is also located in Mississauga. There are many top-ranked public, private and catholic schools in this area, which makes it one of the best places to live around Toronto, especially for families.


Pickering is located on the eastern border of Toronto. It has the population of 91,000 including the most multicultural residents. This area has one of the most affordable housing in the GTA, houses there are amongst the cheapest houses in and around Toronto. The Rouge Park Valley with a 2,000 acres space is known as one of the largest urban parks in North America.

Pickering has many scenery trails perfect for walking, cycling or hiking, including Oak Ridges Trail, Seaton Hiking Trail, The Great Trail and Waterfront Trail. The Millennium Waterfront Trail which has a perfect view of Frenchman’s Bay, can be an ideal spot for picnic.

Pickering has a diverse housing style, you can find brick and frame siding clad semi-detached homes, but there are also some contemporary style townhomes and ranch-style bungalows too. The Pickering Town Centre is famous as the largest shopping center in Durham area.

Pickering City Centre Farmer’s Market is an interesting tradition running at Esplanade Park. It includes vendors selling different farm fresh foods, as well as music and arts activities for families and children. The Summer Waterfront Concert Series is another fascinating event held each summer at Pickering’s Millennium Square.

The Best Places To Live Around Toronto

There is also Pickering’s official Dance Company known as SynchroniCity which has an annual performance at Easter Parade, Santa Claus Parade, Tree Lighting, Artfest and more. The Pickering Music House is a music school providing music training with joy and pleasure for kids. Pickering has about 31 public schools and more than 6 catholic schools.

The crime rates are 30% lower in Pickering than the Ontario average. Oakville has the crime rates 48% lower than the Ontario average and excellent Livability Score of 70/100. Mississauga has the exceptional Livability Score of 81/100 and crime rates of 26% lower than the Ontario average. The crime rates are 37% lower in Markham than the Ontario average. So these can be the best places surrounding Toronto to live safe and comfortable.

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