Major Highways in Toronto

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Major Highways in Toronto
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Toronto is the largest metropolitan area in Canada and is considered one of the most diverse cities in all of North America. With a population of over 2.7 million, it’s no surprise that Toronto is well connected by a complex system of highways and main roads.

If you’re looking to explore the city by car, it helps to know the highways that you can use to get around quickly and conveniently. Some of the most important highways and freeways in and around Toronto include the Allen Road, Highway 401, Highway 404, The Queen Elizabeth Way, Highway 11, Highway 400 etc.

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The Queen Elizabeth Way

The Queen Elizabeth Way

The Queen Elizabeth Way is one of the oldest and most iconic highway systems in the GTA. It runs along the south side of the city and connects Toronto with several other cities in the Hamilton region, as well as Niagara and points west.

Highway 11

Highway 11 - Major Highways in Toronto

Highway 11 is another major highway system in Toronto located along the North Shore of Lake Simcoe. This highway runs from Toronto to Orillia and is a popular route for travellers heading to the Muskoka area.

King’s Highway 401

King's Highway 401 - Major Highways in Toronto

King’s Highway 401, commonly referred to as the 401, is one of the most important highways not just in Toronto, but in all of Canada. Stretching 817 kilometres from Windsor, Ontario to the Quebec border at the Ontario-Quebec boundary, the 401 is one of the longest highways in the world. Since its opening in 1958, the 401 has quickly become a major thoroughfare for the Greater Toronto Area due to its close proximity to the city. It connects Toronto to many major Canadian cities, including Ottawa, Montreal, London, and Windsor.

Highway 401 is a large part of the Trans-Canada Highway system and runs through the center of Toronto. This major highway extends from Windsor to Montreal and is the busiest highway in North America.

Highway 401 Traffic

The 401 is one of the busiest highways in the world, and is used by millions of commuters every day. In fact, it is estimated that the 401 carries approximately one-third of all goods in the area, making it one of the most important highways in Toronto. It has an estimated daily traffic count of over 400,000 vehicles and the average speed is 75 km/h. Its 6 lanes in each direction often lead to congestion during peak hours, making for a stressful and unpleasant commute.

Importance of Highway 401

Despite its traffic, the 401 is an integral part of Toronto’s transportation network. It connects the city to many other areas in Ontario and it is home to numerous tourist attractions including the Toronto Zoo, the CN Tower, and the Ontario Science Centre. It is easily accessible from Downtown Toronto and surrounding suburbs, making it an ideal route for travelers visiting the area.

The highway is also a key part of Toronto’s infrastructure. It supplies residents with access to goods and services, allowing for economic growth in the region. The 401 is essential when providing access to outlying areas for goods, products, and services, as well as providing a safe and timely route for travelers. It is also a preferred route for cargo companies, contributing to Toronto’s immense economic growth.

The 401 is a critical artery that links Toronto to the rest of the province and to the East Coast. It is a major tourist route connecting the city to destinations such as Niagara Falls and Montreal. One of the benefits of its immense length is that it offers alternative routes should there be a traffic problem on one section of the highway, making it an extremely reliable transportation option. There is even a website that displays a Toronto highways map for those unfamiliar with the area.

After all, the 401 is an integral part of Toronto’s transportation network. It is one of the most important highways in the city due to its length and the extensive services it provides. It links the city to numerous destinations and it is a major tourist route for those visiting the area. There is no doubt that the 401 is an invaluable asset to Toronto and its citizens.

King’s Highway 403

King's Highway 403

King’s Highway 403 is one of the most important highways in Toronto, connecting the city to Hamilton and points further west and south. It is a major freeway-standard highway that stretches for 109 kilometers, making it the longest highway in the Greater Toronto Area.

King’s Highway 403 runs from the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) in Burlington to St. Margaret’s Bay Road in Oakville, where it then continues as the Lincoln Alexander Parkway to the Red Hill Valley Parkway in Hamilton. Along the way, it passes through a number of towns and cities including Mississauga, Oakville, and Hamilton. Many of Toronto’s major highways intersect with Highway 403, including Highway 427, Highway 401, and Highway 410.

Importance of the 403

The King’s Highway 403 is an important link between major cities in two provincial regions, helping to move people and goods between areas along the way. It provides direct access to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, which handles millions of passengers every year. The 403 is also widely used by trucking companies and commuters, particularly during rush hour.

The road is heavily used and requires a great deal of maintenance to ensure it is kept safe for users. Several restrictions have been implemented over recent years, such as a speed limit of 100km/hr, lane restrictions, and restrictions on certain types of large vehicles.

The King’s Highway 403 is one of the most important highways in Toronto and an integral part of Toronto’s road network. It is a major artery for the city and province, and its importance is unlikely to diminish anytime in the near future. Looking at a map of Toronto’s highways, the King’s Highway 403 stands out due to its length and importance.

King’s Highway 404

King's Highway 404

King’s Highway 404, one of the Most Important Toronto Highways, is touted as the city’s most important north-south corridor. Located in Southern Ontario, the highway links the city of Toronto with points south and north of it. The highway stretches for a total of 201 km from the junction of the 401 and Don Valley Parkway at its southernmost point, to the city of Brockville at its northernmost point. It forms much of the main route between Toronto and Barrie, as well as acting as a major commuter highway for Toronto throughout the day.

Importance of the 404

Highway 404 is part of the same highway system and travels further east of the city. It runs south from Richmond Hill and connects to the Don Valley Highway at the 407. This is a great way to access the eastern suburbs of Toronto.

The highway passes through a variety of terrain along its route, crossing through the exposed Canadian Shield in places and some of the Greater Toronto Area’s many forested areas. Along its route, the highway serves as an important connection between the various residential and industrial areas in the southern part of Ontario. Toronto is a primary stop for the highway, with connections to the Don Valley Parkway, Highway 401, and Highway 407 in the city.

For those looking to travel on King’s Highway 404, a Toronto highways map is essential. The most important stops lie alongside the highway in the south, including Lake Simcoe and Barrie as well as Oshawa and Whitby. Further north, the highway passes through the towns of Keswick and Sutton, before arriving in the city of Brockville at its northernmost point.

Having been in operation for decades, King’s Highway 404 enjoys a well-maintained state, thanks to regular maintenance programmes that are carried out. The highway is patrolled by the Ontario Provincial Police and is subject to various regulations, such as speed limits, lane closures and maintenance works. Further, Highway 404 includes numerous emergency response facilities, which ensure that any incidents that occur on the highway can be dealt with quickly and safely.

In the end, King’s Highway 404 is an important and integral part of the Southern Ontario transportation network. Not only is it one of the Most Important Toronto Highways, but it also serves as a connection between the city and points beyond. With its well-maintained infrastructure and emergency response facilities, King’s Highway 404 is an excellent route for commuters and travelers alike.

King’s Highway 400

King’s Highway 400, also known as the 400, is one of the most important highways in the Greater Toronto Area. This major highway runs north to south, which connects Toronto to Barrie, and is one of the most important arteries in Canada.

Highway 400 is a part of the Trans-Canada Highway system that runs along the north end of the city. This is one of the fastest ways of getting out of the city, as it connects to many major highways in the Greater Toronto Area.

The 400 begins north of Toronto in Vaughan, and runs south all the way to Barrie. The highway is known as the principal route between Toronto and cottage country, and for the majority of its length, it boasts two and three lane pavements, with the exception of the section between Hwy 401 and Newmarket, where it is reduced to a single lane. Along the way, it passes through various communities, including Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, Innisfil, and Barrie.

The 400 is a vital lifeline to various parts of Ontario, providing an uninterrupted route to the north, and facilitating trade with the US and the rest of Canada. It also serves as an important connector for many communities along its route, as well as providing reliable access to the Greater Toronto Area. Additionally, the highway has become increasingly important as it links up with the 401, providing an even better connection between Toronto and other parts of the province.

In addition to serving as an important conduit between many cities and towns, the 400 is also the most heavily used freeway in Ontario. Every day, the 400 serves thousands of vehicles, and in recent years, due to intensification, construction, and population growth around Toronto, this has increased even more.

Overall, the 400 is among the most important highways in the Greater Toronto Area, and a vital artery for the entire province of Ontario. From connecting cities and towns, facilitating trade, and providing reliable access to the Greater Toronto Area, it is undoubtedly one of the most significant highways in the region.


As you can see, Toronto is connected by a network of highways and main roads. For those looking to buy a home in the city, it is helpful to note which major highways are nearby so that you can travel in and out of the city easily. A professional and experienced real estate agent in Toronto will be able to advise you on the best locations with easy access to these highways.

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