Luxury Living in Lytton Park Neighbourhood

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Lytton Park Neighbourhood

Lytton Park Neighbourhood is one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in Toronto. The area is filled with recreational options, great schools, and lovely homes.

The area is home to some of the most famous architectural styles, such as American Foursquare, Georgian, Victorian, Colonial, and Tudor styles.

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Lytton Park Neighbourhood History

Lytton Park used to be known as Lot 3 Concession 1 West of Yonge Street, a 20-acre farm lot granted to John MacDougall, a United Empire Loyalist. However, in 1828, the first house in this area was built by the Snider family at 744 Duplex Avenue. It used to look like a Regency-style cottage, but now you can see Georgian.

There is a rich history in Lytton Park, especially because of a lovely castle known as Glen Castle. Also, there was horse trekking near Glengrove Avenue, and Yonge Street closed two years later.

Lytton Park Neighbourhood Real Estate

The first homes in this area were built in the 1890s and early 1900s, and the neighbourhood started to develop.

Lytton Park Neighbourhood is one of the best areas for finding detached homes since half of the dwellings are related to this type of house. However, the rest are small and large apartment buildings.

Besides, a wide range of units, from lofts to four or more bedrooms, makes it easy for you to find the perfect home. Two-thirds of Lytton Park units are homeowners, and the rest are home renters.

One point that makes Lytton Park Neighbourhood lovely is the architecture of its homes, including Georgian, Colonial, Victorian, Tudor, as well as Arts and Crafts.

The average price of detached homes along Lawrence or Avenue Road is under 1.5 million, but there are more expensive options in quieter areas as well.

Lifestyle in Lytton Park Neighbourhood

Lytton Park Neighbourhood is one of the most pedestrian-friendly areas in Toronto. There are many popular shops, restaurants, cafes, etc., on Yonge Street and Avenue Road and along Eglinton Avenue.

Among the best restaurants in this area, Roberto’s Ristorante Italiano for Italian food, tio’s Urban Mexican for Mexican food, and Sushi Shop for Asian food are noteworthy.

Besides, Himalayan Coffee House, Aroma Espresso Bar, Romeo and Juliet Dolce con Caffe, and Starbucks are notable cafes in Lytton Park Neighbourhood.

Things to do in Lytton Park Neighbourhood

Let’s check out how to have fun in the Lytton Park neighbourhood.

Have a great time in Lyton Park

Lytton Park, from which the name of the neighbourhood is derived, is located in a deep valley, hiding it from the Avenue’s road traffic by trees.

There are three public tennis courts that can be found in this area. Besides, North Toronto Lawn Bowling Club is located in this park.

Lytton Neighbourhood

Spend your free time in Otter Creek Park

Otter Creek Park is also another popular park in Lytton Park Neighbourhood, offering a twin outdoor skating rink, basketball court, running track, baseball diamond, and popular tobogganing hills.


Lytton Park Neighbourhood is definitely one of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto, especially for those who prefer to stay in a rapid-developing area while staying out of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Most homes in the Lytton Park Neighbourhood are detached homes. Therefore, if you like this type of housing, make sure to contact an expert Toronto real estate agent to help you through the buying or renting process.

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