Toronto’s Little Italy Neighborhood

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Little Italy Neighborhood

Toronto’s Little Italy is located east to west between Bathurst Street and Ossington Avenue, spreading out from Dundas to Harbord streets. This neighborhood is very famous for its international restaurants, classic pizzerias, bars, pubs, and its nightlife. Little Italy is now known as the most multi-cultural neighborhood in Toronto.

History of Little Italy

During the Italy interwar of 1914 to 1918, about 40,000 Italians migrated to Canada and settled in an area between University Avenue and College Street. So the neighborhood have gotten its name for the residence and commercial activity of its Italian community during the 1920’s.

History of Little Italy

Now, Little Italy is a welcoming neighborhood with lovely Italian and Portuguese residents. In summer, the Little Italy’s sidewalks are full of visitors and locals relaxing on outdoor patios drinking espresso.

Demography of Little Italy

The population of the Little Italy neighborhood is about 7,320 residents. The median age of the local population is 36.7. The residents include 60% married couples and 74.8 % of them only speak English. Now, 10.6% of immigrants are Portuguese and just 3.0% are Italian.

Architecture of Little Italy

The Little Italy neighborhood with its old history is the home of magnificent Victorian-era houses. Palmerston Boulevard in this area has Edwardian mansions with ornate iron street lamps. You can also find many two-storey houses with marvelous views of gable roofs and very large bay windows.

As a Toronto Real Estate Agent, I can see the neighborhood’s character in the residential homes. These houses are mostly built in the early 1900s featuring a Victorian style.

The Roman Catholic church of Saint Francis of Assisi is located in the west side of Little Italy and has served since 1968. Its gothic revival style is obvious in the simple red bricks. Its exterior stone was cut in the former Port Arthur. Having 21 large stained glass clerestory windows is its distinction point from other churches. 4 windows have stories of the St. Francis of Assisi’s life.

Little Italy Neighborhood

Another old building in the Little Italy neighborhood belongs to the Royal Theatre at College Street. The Royal Theatre opened in October in 1939 and designed by Benjamin Swartz. This 749-seat theatre was built in the Art Deco style. Its yellow-brick appearance is adorned by cornice and the rows of bricks mixed with stone.

Little Italy Neighborhood

Best Schools in Little Italy

One of the oldest public schools in the city is located at the north of College Street in the Little Italy neighborhood. Clinton Junior public school was founded in 1888. The school has different programs for grade 4-6 students including gifted programs and learners with developmental disabilities. They also provide before and after school daycare.

Central Toronto Academy (CTA) is a public secondary school located at Shaw St. in the Little Italy neighborhood. This school was founded in 1911 focused mostly on commerce and finance. It is well known for its basketball team.

CTA provides many different programs including Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) programs to develop important skills and work habits for their students’ future education and work. They also have a bike club, film club, anime club, chess club, dance club and many other extra-curricular clubs.

Recreation in Little Italy

College St at the heart of Little Italy is filled with restaurants, cafes, bars and local shops. Many classic Italian food and wine tastes are performed annually in this street. They celebrate the annual Taste of Little Italy.

Where to eat in Little Italy

The neighborhood is sprawling with the sense of Italian food and coffee.

Bitondo Pizzeria has been in the neighborhood since the 70s and you can taste a delicious Italian pizza or panzerotti. It is an old tiny pizzeria with orange chairs, bottles of Brio and olive containers. You should remember that they only accept cash.

Another Italian classic place in the neighborhood is Cafe Diplomatico. It dates back over 50 years ago. It is a popular place for Italians gathering over the patio to have a coffee, biscotti and gelato. They serve Italian food specials and customizable pasta and pizza with draft beer. They also serve breakfast 7-days a week.

Little Italy Neighborhood

There are many other good bars and restaurants in the area like Bar Isabel. It is a Spanish-influenced restaurant with an authentic old European environment in Little Italy. They mainly offer Spanish cuisine with a range of craft beers, wine and cocktails.

Bar Isabel is the sister of Bar Raval, a mostly crowded bar serving delightful foods and great drinks. The bar has communal standing tables and fascinating woodwork which differentiates the bar space. They were chosen as the Best Bar in Canada in 2018.

Bar Isabel - Little Italy

For a great dining experience, you can go to Bella Vista Trattoria & Wine Bar. Their lovely staff prepare each meal with the best ingredients. You also have a range of wine choices to make your delicious meal perfect.

Bella Vista Trattoria & Wine Bar

Where to get fit in Little Italy

GoodLife Fitness Toronto College and Euclid is a small gym at the heart of the Little Italy neighborhood. It is not a big gym, but they have every equipment you need. They offer personal and team training, TRX, cardio classes, strength training classes and mind and body classes.

But if you are very serious about your fitness, TrainingSpaces would be the best choice. They inspire you with various personal training classes. This well-equipped small gym has a professional approach and welcoming environment.

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Things to do in Little Italy

In Toronto’s Little Italy neighborhood, you can walk through George Ben Park. It’s a quiet rectangle park with a small playground.

There is also a larger green space close to it, Fred Hamilton Playground. A larger park with bocce courts which is the legacy of Italian immigrants. It also has a wading pool and a beautiful wildflower garden.

The Little Italy neighborhood has a Public library located at Shaw Street with a nice view of College Street. It is a small library with a children’s section and computer stations. Shaw branch public library has a summer book club for kids, magic shows and movies.

The Little Italy neighborhood -Public library

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Another fun place to see in College Street is Peach Gallery. It was founded in November 2012. The legendary Walter Moos was one of the founders of this art gallery. It is a unique mix of the art works of local and international artists.

If you are a fan of live music, Mod Club Theatre would be your favorite. They have various events including DJ nights and live concerts in different genres like rock, pop, and electronic music.

Mod Club was established in 1999 as a weekly nightclub. Now it hosts 600 guests and has two large video panels and clear sound quality to give the audience the best joy.

There is an Italian Walk of Fame in the Little Italy neighborhood. It is located at the sidewalk on the north side of College Street. This walk of fame acknowledges the achievements and success of famous Italian persons and stars.

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Where to have coffee in Little Italy Neighbourhood

When it comes to the cafes, you have great options with Italian roots.

Sicilian Sidewalk Café is a prime example, offering 72 seats on its sidewalk patio. Here, you can’t miss the amazing homemade gelato.

Originated in Calabria, Italy, Dolce Gelato is another great Italian coffee spot in the Little Italy Neighbourhood. Here, a wide variety of gelato and sorbet recipes are served with the best-quality ingredients. Besides, if you want to taste traditional Italian coffee, then you cannot miss Dolce Gelato.

have coffee in Little Italy Toronto

Super Wonder Gallery

Super Wonder Gallery is a cultural hub in Toronto, located in the Little Italy Neighbourhood.

The gallery is famous for its zany, larger-than-life exhibitions. Talented artists have a crucial role in this gallery, offering interesting group shows with different subjects like eroticism and science fiction.

Super Wonder Gallery Little Italy Toronto


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Exploring the Charming Real Estate of Little Italy, Toronto

Nestled in the heart of Toronto, Little Italy is a vibrant and culturally rich neighborhood known for its Italian heritage, lively atmosphere, and delectable cuisine. As the area continues to flourish, Little Italy’s real estate market has become a focal point for homebuyers and investors alike. In this article, we will delve into the enticing world of Little Italy real estate, offering insights into the diverse range of homes and properties available and highlighting the best real estate agent to guide you through this exciting market.

The Allure of Little Italy Real Estate

Little Italy’s real estate market offers a delightful mix of old-world charm and modern convenience. The neighborhood boasts an eclectic collection of Toronto properties, including historic row houses, classic Victorian homes, chic condominiums, and contemporary townhouses. Whether you’re seeking a cozy family abode or an urban retreat, Little Italy has a dwelling to suit every taste and lifestyle.

Homes in Little Italy exude character and charm, with many properties featuring picturesque front porches, well-maintained gardens, and intricate architectural details that reflect the area’s heritage. The streets are lined with tree canopies, creating a warm and inviting ambiance that adds to the neighborhood’s appeal.

The Resurgence of Little Italy

In recent years, Little Italy has experienced a remarkable resurgence, drawing attention from homebuyers and real estate investors seeking prime opportunities in Toronto’s dynamic housing market. The area’s strategic location, within close proximity to downtown and major amenities, has played a crucial role in its revitalization.

The Best Real Estate Agent in Little Italy

Navigating the competitive real estate landscape of Little Italy can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is essential to enlist the services of a knowledgeable and reputable Toronto real estate agent who possesses a deep understanding of the local market.

The best real estate agent in Little Italy is none other than Ari Armani. With a decade of experience in the industry, Ari has established himself as a trusted advisor to clients seeking to buy or sell properties in the neighborhood. His passion for Little Italy’s unique charm, combined with his expertise in market trends, makes him an invaluable asset to both seasoned investors and first-time homebuyers.

Ari’s personalized approach to client service ensures that every individual’s needs and preferences are attentively catered to. Whether you seek a cozy condo amidst the bustling streets or a charming family home tucked away on a quiet lane, Ari’s extensive network and insider knowledge will help you find your dream property.

Little Italy’s real estate market offers an enchanting blend of heritage, diversity, and urban allure, making it one of Toronto’s most sought-after neighborhoods. With a range of homes and properties to suit various preferences, this lively district has something to offer every buyer and investor.

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To navigate this thriving real estate market seamlessly, enlist the expertise of Ari Armani, the finest real estate agent in Little Italy. His dedication and insights will ensure a successful and rewarding property search or sale, allowing you to embrace the vibrant spirit of Little Italy to the fullest. Whether you are drawn to the area’s cultural charm, culinary delights, or its friendly community, Little Italy is ready to welcome you home.


The Little Italy neighborhood has the best food and drink options full of sidewalk cafes and street dances in Toronto. It has narrow streets with lovely Victorian-inspired row homes under mature trees.

Recently, a number of new low-to mid-rise condo projects have been constructed and made this neighborhood more reachable. Those who have experienced living in Little Italy for a long time, don’t like to leave the convenience and welcoming vibe of this neighborhood. If you are planning to move to this neighbourhood, you can contact us and one of Toronto’s best real estate agents that covers the area would get in touch with you.

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