Lawrence Park Neighbourhood

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Lawrence Park Neighbourhood

Lawrence Park Neighbourhood is one of the most exclusive and tranquil Toronto neighbourhoods.

Also, it’s considered as one of the most expensive Toronto neighbourhoods, which is perfect for families with kids since some of the best schools in the city are located here.

Also, there is a range of Toronto homes in this area, most of which are single detached homes.

The History of Lawrence Park Neighbourhood

Dovercourt Land Building and Saving Company began the assembly of Lawrence Park in 1907. The north part of the park was acquired by John Lawrence, after which the neighbourhood is named.

Under the direction of Wilfred Servington Dinnick, the president of the Dovercourt Land Company, Lawrence Park was developed as a suburb.

In the first advertisements, phrases like ‘aristocratic neighbourhood’, ‘four hundred feet above Lake Ontario,’ and ‘Far from the Lake Winds in Winter’ were used. It was in the 1950s when the neighbourhood was completely developed.

Lawrence Park Neighbourhood Real Estate

Most houses in Lawrence Park Neighbourhood are built with different architectural styles, such as Cottage, Tudor Revival, Georgian, and Colonial.

Lawrence Park Neighbourhood is one of the most expensive areas in Toronto. The average home price in this area is $4,439,000, over 160% above the average prices in Toronto.

Interestingly, 85% of residents in Lawrence Park Neighbourhood are homeowners, and only 15 percent of them are home renters.

Most Toronto homes in this area are single detached homes, while the others are mostly large apartment buildings and townhouses.

For more information about available homes in this area, make sure to take a look at the online Toronto real estate market.

Things to do & see in Lawrence Park Neighbourhood

In Lawrence Neighbourhood, you can enjoy different attractions and activities, from gardens and parks to a range of restaurants and cafes.

Alexander Muir Memorial Garden

Have you ever listened to the song “The Maple Leaf Forever?” This song was written by Alexander Muir, the famous Canadian composer.

You can enjoy the maple leaf around this Toronto garden, making this place a lovely attraction in Lawrence Neighbourhood.

Alexander Muir Memorial Garden is multi-level, offering great walking trails that are open year-round. Strolling among the herbs and flowers in this garden makes you feel great.

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Have a nice time in Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park is a 40-acre park in North Toronto, covered with old trees with over 150 years of life! Throughout the green spaces in the park, you can find expansive wooden boardwalks where you can enjoy walking and strolling.

These boardwalks make it easy for hikers to access the trails, and at the same time, help protect rich green spaces.

Besides, there are facilities like a playground, picnic pavilion, and public washrooms.

Blythwood Ravine Park

Blythwood Ravine Park is one of the best-forested ravines in Toronto, bordered west by Alexander Muir Gardens and east by Sherwood Park.

The lovely trail in this park leads you to a wading pool, playground, dog off-leash area, and a baseball diamond.

Restaurants & Cafes 

There are many Toronto top restaurants in Lawrence Neighbourhood. Among these dining options, The Monkey Bar & Grill for Canadian food, Stack for American food, Parmigiano Trattoria for Italian food, and Shoushin for Japanese food are noteworthy.

Also, Himalayan Coffee House, At Origin Coffee, Crosstown Coffee Bar, Formocha, De Mello Coffee, and Istanbul Coffee & Espresso Bar are noteworthy.

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Lawrence Park Neighbourhood is one of the most expensive Toronto Neighbourhoods.

The average home price in this area is over 150% more than the average price in the city. Most Toronto homes in this area are single-detached homes, but you can see Toronto condos as well.

If you are looking for a Toronto home in Lawrence Park Neighbourhood, make sure to contact a top ranked Toronto real estate agent to help you find the best home that fits your needs.

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