Is Winter a Good Time to Build a House in Toronto? 

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Is Winter a Good Time to Build a House in Toronto

You may have heard that spring is the best time to build a house in Toronto and avoid building your house in winter. But which one is correct? Is winter a good time to build a house in Toronto? In fact, it might be wrong. Let’s review some details about when it would be the best time to build your house.

There is no absolute rule to avoid building your house in winter. However, since there are so many steps involving the construction process, sometimes you can start the primary phase even in winter. Although it depends on the area you are living in, if it has a mild winter, yes you won’t have any problem starting the construction in winter. Otherwise, the winter cannot be so ideal for building a home.


Whether you want to renovate or build your house, you need to get a construction permit to start. Since in the winter the demand is less than other seasons, city officers would be less busy and you may have your permit sooner than ever.

For the next step you have another advantage. Contactors and home builders also have less going on during the winter. That’s because usually people tend to build their house in summer or spring. So, if you want to start your construction in winter, you may get bargain pricing in off-season.

Both labor and material are much cheaper. The price of lumber usually increases in spring and decreases in fall and winter. If you start in winter, you can buy the required equipment on pricing from the previous year. Therefore, it has a financial advantage for you.

You can start digging the basement in winter. The only point is that you may need to heat the concrete overnight, which depends on the temperature. Or you can add some calcium chloride to the concrete to hasten the curing process in cold winters. There is no significant difference in the concrete with additives than without additives.

 Is winter a good time to build a house in Toronto

On an average and normal time (if there is no new challenge), if you start the construction in winter, it would be ready about the spring to move in. It is the best time for planting your front yard. You can happily complete the curb appeal of your new constructed house in the most proper season then. Besides, spring or summer is the best time for moving into your new house.

Torontonian workers are completely capable of working in cold weather. Some of them even prefer working in the cold weather rather than in hot and humid days. And believe me, if the cold weather was going to stop construction projects in Toronto, It would take forever to finish.

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On the other hand, as a Toronto real estate agent, I’d admit that there could be some challenges for building your house in the cold weather in Toronto.

Most of the contractors have enough experience with building a house in the cold weather, especially in Toronto. But there may be some unexpected problems resulting in more delay in the construction process. Remember, since the day light is shorter in winter, even the working hours of contractors could be less than spring or summer.

 Is winter a good time to build a house in Toronto

Generally, if the weather gets too cold, the whole process may delay more than your calculations. Workers may work slower, there may be commuting problems, some materials don’t work in frozen weather, and so forth. So, get ready for some delay and more challenges if you decide to build your house in winter.

Final words

If you need to build your house as quickly as possible, you better start construction in the spring or summer. On the other hand, if you have enough time but your priority is to save money, I recommend you to start building your house in the winter or fall.

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