Humber Bay Neighbourhood

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Humber Bay Neighbourhood

Humber Bay Neighbourhood, also known as Stonegate-Queensway, is an interesting area in Toronto bordered by Mimico Creek in the west and Humber River Valley in the east.

There are many types of housing in this area, and potential buyers or renters can get more detailed information and data from the online Toronto real estate market to gain more information about the area.

The history of Humber Bay Neighbourhood

Humber Bay Neighbourhood’s history dates back to 1888 when Humber Bay schoolhouse was established on the high street.

In the first year, 35 children were enrolled in the school, but it gradually expanded and became a famous place, holding ratepayers’ meetings, movies, school concerts, and a variety of sports activities.

When more residents came to Humber Bay Neighbourhood, a number of them were farmers who usually grew vegetables.

However, you could find a few apple and pear orchards as well. In fact, the first Farmers Market in Toronto was established in the Humber Bay Neighbourhood at Parklawn Road and the Queensway.

Humber Bay Neighbourhood Real estate

There are many old strange homes from the early 1900s in Humber Bay Park Neighbourhood, which used to be former homes of the market gardeners.

In recent decades, split-level houses, low-rise apartments, new buildings with custom designs, etc. have been developed.

Also, there are many high-rise Toronto condo developments between the Humber River and Mimico Creek.

Two third of residents in Humber Bay Neighbourhood are homeowners, while others are home renters.

Things to do & see in Humber Bay Neighbourhood

Humber Bay Neighbourhood is mostly famous for its parks and recreational options. Let’s take a look at the major recreational spots in this area.

South Humber Park

Located on the west bank of the Humber River, in the north of the Humber Sewage Treatment Plant, South Humber Park is perfect for having a great time with your family.

Visitors will enjoy hilly wooded areas, wild meadow areas, marshes. The park is perfect for walking, jogging, cycling, and fishing.

Also, you can find unique wildlife spices such as geese, swans, and lovely ducks. In the southern end of the park, where the Humber river flows into Lake Ontario, you can enjoy great views of Lake Ontario.

Park Lawn Park 

Park Lawn Park is a 3.1-hectare park on Park Lawn Road in Etobicoke, offering a range of amenities and facilities.

A multi-purpose sports field, playground, ball diamond, and four tennis courts are some of the main facilities in this park.

Also, the Park Lawn Park Rink and Outdoor pool are available for you to enjoy at different times of the year.

Humber Bay Park

Located in Etobicoke, Humber Bay Park is one of the loveliest waterfront parks in Toronto. It offers a range of facilities and amenities, such as picnic tables, beachfront, trails, and playgrounds.

Also, sports lovers will enjoy facilities such as a swimming pool, ball diamond, tennis and basketball courts, as well as an ice rink in winter.

If you like lighthouses, the good news is that the park offers a historic lighthouse.

Humber Bay Neighbourhood


The bus service on Berry and Park Lawn Roads makes it easy for you to reach the subway station on the Bloor-Danforth subway line.

Drivers can reach downtown via Queensway within 10 minutes.


Humber Bay Neighbourhood is a type of calm and relaxing Toronto area, especially for professionals and graduates.

There are different types of Toronto homes in this area, from strange old homes to new high-rise Toronto condos. Therefore, different types of potential buyers can consider this area as a great neighbourhood for buying a house.

However, it would be a great idea to consult a top ranked Toronto real estate agent to help you find the best home in this area.

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