Garden District, Neighbourhood in Toronto

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Garden District Neighbourhood

The Garden District is a new Toronto Neighbourhood. The name was chosen by Toronto East Downtown Residents Association (TEDRA) based on Allan Gardens, an indoor botanical garden in this area.

The area is bordered by Carlton Street, Yonge Street, Sherbourne Street, and Queen Street to the north, west, east, and south, respectively.

Let’s find out more about this area, but for detailed data about the homes in this neighbourhood, make sure to take a look at the Online Toronto Real Estate Market.

The Garden District Real Estate 

The Garden District is perfect for couples and students of Ryerson University, especially those who have enough money to rent and buy a Toronto condo.

Also, it is great for families with small kids because the area offers many great parks.

However, it cannot be a good option for families with three or more kids since it’s hard to find a suitable place in the Garden District. In fact, the Garden District neighbourhood is great if you like the Toronto condo lifestyle.

Unfortunately, the Garden District has pollution and noise problems. So, if you don’t like to live in the hustle and bustle of the city, it is not a very good idea to live in the Garden District.

Three-quarters of the residents in this area are home renters, and the rest are homeowners. Most Toronto homes in this area are large apartment buildings, and it is a great area for those who prefer a condo lifestyle.

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Things to do in the Garden District

There are fun things to do in the Garden District of Toronto. But the most famous ones are these two below.

Allan Gardens - Garden District

Allan Gardens 

Allan Gardens offers six greenhouses with a wide range of plants, such as orchids, bromeliads, begonia, and genseriads in Two Tropical Houses.

Also, the cool temperature house offers Camellias, Jasmine, as well as plants from Australia and the Mediterranean.

Besides, the Palm House provides visitors with a lovely variety of palms, bananas, and tropical vines as well as seasonal plants with amazing colors.

Another house in the garden is the Tropical Landscape House is the home to exotics, such as cycads, gingers, hibiscus, and a green jade vine. Finally, the Arid House is cacti and succulents such as agave, opuntia, haworthia, and aloe.

Dining Options

There is a wide range of dining options in the Garden District of Toronto. Let’s begin with American food, which you can find the best of in The Carbon Bar. The smoked meat platters and ribs are famous in this restaurant.

Let’s move to the east. Find the best Japanese food in Kinka Izakaya Original, with a lovely ambiance and atmosphere.

However, if you are into Italian food, you can beat Blaze Pizza in the Garden District.


When it comes to cafes, the best options are wide. For example, Bulldog Coffee is famous for coffee and pastries.

Also, you cannot resist the desserts and pastries of Mast Coffee. Besides, if you are into rolls, Dineen Coffee Co. is the best place for enjoying a cinnamon roll.

Garden District Neighbourhood in Toronto


Residents’ access to public transit is excellent in the Garden District. There are many bus stops and subway stations along this area. The two major subway stations are The Queen and Dundas.

Also, streetcars on Queen help you reach your destination. As for prices, you can expect to see homes from 450,000$ to 2,995,000$


Toronto’s Garden District is somehow a new area in Toronto. Most homes in this vibrant area are large apartment buildings and Toronto condominiums.

In fact, this area is perfect for students, young couples, and small families. It cannot be an ideal area for large families due to the lack of homes with enough space for these types of residents.

So, make sure to contact a Toronto real estate agent so that you can find the best home that fits your needs.

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