Best Toronto Neighborhoods For Singles

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Best Toronto Neighborhoods For Singles

The city of Toronto has hundreds of neighborhoods and each of them has its own charm. Sometimes it may seem hard to choose the best neighborhood to live in. However, depending on your profession or your age and lifestyle you can find the best place for yourself. As a Toronto Realtor, I would like to help you find the best Toronto neighborhoods for singles. If you are a single young professional you might want to continue reading till the end.

6. Yonge & Eglinton 

Yonge and Eglinton is still developing and young people, who are already living there, hate to leave this passionate neighborhood. The number of condo projects still under construction in this area is astonishing. Yonge and Eglinton is a perfect combination of families and singles households. There are so many restaurant and entertainment options, as well as affordable homes, and some of the best schools are in this neighborhood.

No matter what time of the day you leave home, you can easily find live music bars such as the Rose & Crown and Queen’s Legs. The number of restaurants, cafes, bistros, karaoke joints and shops is plentiful in the Yonge and Eglinton neighborhood. Besides, there are many employment opportunities available for young rookies.

Yonge & Eglinton

It seems like Yonge and Eglinton was built for those who love to hang out and explore around at day or night time. As a single individual, you will find everything you need in this neighborhood. An affordable housing option with many job opportunities in an area very close to downtown Toronto. You can enjoy the top restaurants and bars in the neighborhood as well as great access to roads and highways. Everything is perfectly ready for a single young person to start here!!

5. Queen St. West

Queen St. West neighborhood is one of the most lively and vivacious neighborhoods in Toronto. It was chosen as the second coolest neighborhood in the world by Vogue. There is a string of bars, restaurants, galleries and boutiques for different styles which can be best haunt for gatherings. In a quick walk around this neighborhood you will find all the amenities, services and eateries you need.

For those single Torontonians who are busy and prefer to live in a neighborhood where they can both work and have fun, Queen St. West could be one of the best choices. From vintage clothing boutiques to best eateries, everything is in your fingertips. For those of you young singles who are looking for a more affordable entry level home, there are some condominium projects developing in this neighborhood.

Queen St. West

The boutique hotels of Queen St. West neighborhood are the best places for partying and enjoying a lively nightlife. Some of the most popular bars for the young residents in Queen West include Queen Street Warehouse, Bovine Sex Club, Rush Lane Co, Bar Fancy, Tequila Bookworm, and Otto’s Bierhalle.

4. Church and Wellesley

Church and Wellesley neighborhood which is known as Village, is also famous as Toronto’s LGBTQ Utopia. Besides, considering all the entertainment opportunities available in the area, Church and Wellesley Village can be a great place for singles to live in. The friendly and vibrant vibe of the neighborhood creates a welcoming place especially for newcomers to Toronto.

The Church and Wellesley Village neighbourhood also has wonderful restaurants and bars, cozy places for friend’s gatherings. The single newcomers can easily cope with living in this neighborhood with its inviting atmosphere. There are so many condominiums in this area which has created lots of affordable apartments for young people.

Church and Wellesley

This neighborhood is also located so close to downtown Toronto, and has excellent access to shopping centers and public transit. Two important options for Toronto’s busy young professionals. As a single resident in the Church Wellesley Village, you will enjoy the drag shows at Crews & Tangos, dance parties, and excellent cocktails at Boutique Bar.

3. Little Italy

The Little Italy neighborhood is famous for its cozy patio cafés and wonderful local restaurants. The cordial and welcoming vibe of the neighborhood is very charming. Young soccer lovers enjoy gathering and watching the games at the patio spaces. Little Italy is one of the best places for great indie bars and foods in Toronto.

This neighborhood with its proximity to downtown Toronto, has a lot of renovated homes turned into multi-units which are perfect for singles and students looking for lively and exciting places to live.

 Little Italy

Young single residents of Little Italy enjoy spending time at Cafe Diplomatico for the real taste of Italian coffee, or hanging out at Bar Raval and Mullins Irish Pub. There are also some wonderful cocktail bars in the neighborhood such as Hapa Toronto. Besides, dance lovers can go to El Convento Rico or a Latin club in Little Italy for dance lessons or drag shows.

2. Liberty Village

Liberty Village is a bustling neighborhood each and every day. This load of people walking around the streets shows the liveliness of the area. Liberty Village neighborhood is a perfect spot for working, living or having fun. There are tons of bars and restaurants for young people to meet their business partners or hang out with their friends.

Besides, most of the homes in Liberty Village are condos. So, there are many affordable housing options available in Liberty Village, including modern condos or trendy lofts. Each day more young professionals came to this neighborhood to find new opportunities. The residents of Liberty Village also have excellent access to all the amenities, grocery stores, coffee shops and pubs. You can see the list of Top 5 Condos in the Liberty Village neighbourhood here!

Liberty Village

Liberty Village is a concentration point for tech startups and communications firms. In addition to all the facilities and services available, Liberty Village is considered as a driver’s paradise. It also has excellent access to streetcars, public transit, and bus stations. Here, you can find the best balance for your work life and personal life. The nightlife at Liberty Village means plenty of bars and clubs at every corner of the neighborhood.

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1. King St. West

When the Advertising agencies came to King St. West neighborhood, they brought new opportunities for neighborhood’s development. Then, the condominiums and skyscrapers made this neighborhood one of the most densely populated areas in Toronto. These days, the residents enjoy the high quality restaurants, cafes and entertainment facilities in the neighborhood. It is the home of the Entertainment District. This place can be a heaven for those singles who are looking to mingle.

The night life at King St. West is fantastic with people elegantly dressed, dancing and drinking at bars and clubs. You can find the best of everything in the neighborhood. It is impossible to find a bad spot to hang out in King West. The young single individuals have many options to buy or rent at the densest concentration area of high-rise condos.

King St. West

You can easily find the perfect patio place for craft beers, a cozy friendly cafe with perfect taste of coffee or the best clubs in the King West. Locating at the heart of the Entertainment District of Toronto means offering the best dining and clubbing options. From popular local clubs like Early Mercy, Bar Hop, and Odd Thomas, to classy hotel rooftops at Thompson Hotel and Lavelle and luxurious lounges at the Addisons Residence, everything is perfectly available.

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