Best Toronto Neighborhoods For Millennials

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Best Toronto neighborhoods for millennials
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The city of Toronto is growing at a fast pace. This Canadian metropolis has more than 2.750.000 population living in buildings and houses all across this lively city. Toronto has an attractive ethnic and cultural diversity. It has a perfect neighborhood for each generation to love the life that they enjoy. From waterfront houses in the Beaches for the older population to modern condominiums in downtown for millennials and young professionals. Here, we are going to review the Top 5 best Toronto neighborhoods for millennials in 2021.

The Toronto real estate market offers different opportunities for those who are seeking for more progress, joy or investment. Whether you decided to buy or rent a property in Toronto, these neighborhoods can be the best places to live for millennials.

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5- The Annex

The Annex neighborhood is located in downtown Toronto. The enthusiast millennials will love the vivacious environment of Bloor Street and Yorkville. Due to the University campus covering the most part of this neighborhood, you can find a significant population of millennials around.

The Annex has easy access to subway and public transit and there are many fine restaurants, bars and nightclubs. There is also a Public Library at 10 Spadina Road and University of Toronto’s Athletic Centre provides good fitness programs. The Native Canadian Centre of Toronto is also in Annex which offers different services for the residents.

The Annex

Since there are many students and professors living in this neighborhood, it can be a challenge to find a proper home to live. There are many options available, from multi-unit homes to small condos. But once you reside in the Annex, it would be difficult to leave this lovely neighborhood. You will love the Annex with its mixture of boutiques, antique stores, bookstores, art galleries and outdoor cafes.

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4- King West

You can consider King West as one of Toronto’s fastest-growing neighborhoods. It is a center for ad agencies and creativity. 59% of the King West population include Millennials and 62.5% are singles or couples without children. This area has many commercial office spaces perfect for those who are willing to start a business.

If you choose King West neighborhood to live in, you will have a chance of enjoying wonderful cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs available within your walking distance. It is a popular neighborhood for young professionals who are planning for an urban lifestyle near the downtown offices and so close to Toronto’s entertainment district. King West has one of Toronto’s most active nightclubs and bar scenes.

King West

The neighborhood has so many stylish shops and modern art galleries to help you furnish your condo. Living in King West means you have everything available in a blink, fitness clubs, grocery stores, food markets and excellent restaurants. It also has easy access to subway, streetcars and main highways.

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3- Yonge and Eglinton

Yonge and Eglinton neighborhood is a connection point of two main subway lines in Toronto. There is an excellent combination of cuisines available in the area. During the last decade, this neighborhood has experienced a rapid growth and many condo complexes have been built.

Besides, the housing price in this neighbourhood is still increasing due to the construction of the Eglinton LRT. So, if you have decided to live in the Yonge and Eglinton neighborhood, you should start planning to purchase as soon as possible. It is one of  the hottest areas for pre-construction projects.

Yonge and Eglinton

You can find diverse kinds of shops and restaurants in this area, from indoor stores, posh boutiques and international chain stores to the Yonge and Eglinton Centre, which has recently been renovated. The attraction of bars, five-star restaurants, nightclubs, and movie theatres has made this area very popular for young residents.

For a long time this neighborhood has been known as the place to live for yuppies, it is still the best destination for young professionals planning to follow a good life.

2- Liberty Village

Liberty Village has all the criteria as a proper place to live for young professionals and single millennials. It has a cozy community of cool coffee shops, bars and restaurants with an urban village vibe. It is famous as a desirable destination for those looking for unique furniture and design stores.

Although the new glass condo towers give an ultra-modern view to the neighborhood, the tall chimney smoke stacks of old buildings are still identified as the landmarks of Liberty Village.

The interesting fact about this neighborhood is that the old factories and warehouses are now fashionable lofts, workspaces, and studio offices. One of these favorite old buildings is Toy Factory Lofts, which its unique view gives a special characterization to the local real estate.

Liberty Village

Liberty Village is now a kind of concentration point for tech and design startups. The young artsy residents of Liberty Village are living in a fascinating mixture of Victorian red brick factories, beautiful townhouses and modern condo buildings. They have quick access to streetcar lines and a network of highways.

1- Harbourfront

Toronto’s Harbourfront was one of the first neighborhoods started to build towering condos. The modern towers with the marvelous view of the lake. All the famous landmarks, including Queens Quay Terminal, Jack Layton Ferry terminal, Harbour Square, Harbourfront Centre and HTO Park, have made Harbourfront an idyllic location both for tourists and local residents.

58.6% of residents of Harbourfront are millennials and 62.3% are singles or young couples. It is a walk- and bike-friendly neighborhood full of small bars, cafés and restaurants along the quay.


There are many entertainments available in this neighborhood which can be attractive for millennials. You will reach the islands by just a quick ride, which is perfect for a picnic or sunbathe on the beaches. Besides, the Music Garden has free concerts in the summer. Also, the Natrel Rink offers different recreational opportunities in the winter like skate lessons and even DJ Skate night parties.

If you are a sailing and kayaking lover, you will have the best chance here to rent motor boats or enjoy the short or long term membership of the Sailing Club with an affordable price. The Harbourfront Centre is the social and cultural concentration point of the neighbourhood, which hosts numerous events each year. You will enjoy the various events there such as baking classes, sailing lessons, or even music festivals and food fairs.

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