Best Schools in North York

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Best Schools in North York
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North York is a Toronto neighbourhood, which used to be another city until 1999. The area is one of the major hubs of multiculturalism.

Although a wide range of recreation, entertainment, restaurants, cafes, bars, etc., is available in this area, one of the best features of this area is high-level schools available for students.

Therefore, living in North York is highly recommended for families who are concerned about their children’s education.

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Among the best schools in Toronto you can find some of the North York schools.

Top schools in North York are mostly awarded because of their fantastic service to the students from major educational institutions. Let’s take a closer look at the five best schools in North York.

Hillmount Public School - Best Schools in North York

5- Hillmount Public School

Address: 245 McNicoll Ave, North York, ON M2H 2C5, Canada

Located on the south side of McNicoll Avenue, Hillmount Public School is one of the best schools in North York. The building is based on School Educational Facilities (SEF), offering fantastic and air-conditioned classrooms. The school enrolls 325 students with different backgrounds from pre-school levels to Gr. 5. Hillmount Public School offers a range of programming in writing, reading, and mathematics. Besides, arts programs play a crucial role in this school, among which are junior division, primary and junior choirs, and vocal music programs, as well as dance and drama programs.

4- Arbor Glen Public School

Address: 55 Freshmeadow Dr, North York, ON M2H 3H6, Canada

Established in 1975, Arbor Glen Public School is one of the best schools in North York, located in the south of Steeles Avenue East. The open classrooms of the building located around the library and technology resource centre bring a perfect educational atmosphere to the building. There are students from over 25 countries in Arbor Glen Public School, and about 70% of them speak English as the second language. The good news for parents is that the school provides them with nursery and before and after school programs. Also, this educational institute provides students with a range of programs in physical education, mathematics, arts, language, social studies, and science and technology.

Hollywood Public School - Best Schools in North York

3- Hollywood Public School

Address: 360 Hollywood Ave, North York, ON M2N 3L4, Canada

Located on the north side of Hollywood Avenue, Hollywood Public School was established in 1949 but expanded during the time until 2013. One of the major concerns of the school authorities is to prepare a respectful school climate in which students are eager to learn. Student achievements are recognized and celebrated in monthly assembles. Parents in Hollywood Public School play a crucial role in the school life of students and creating this fantastic community.

2- Seneca Hill Public School

Address: 625 Seneca Hill Dr, North York, ON M2J 2W6, Canada

Seneca Hill Public School is a fantastic elementary school in Toronto, offering courses from kindergarten level to Grade 6. Located in the south of Finch Avenue, the school collaborates with Phoenix Daycare Centre, which provides students from 2.5 years old with a nurturing and stimulating program. The school is also awarded the Overall Academic Achievement category at the Garfield Weston Awards for Excellence in Education.

Respecting the environment and eco-education is one of the major aims of the school to teach students to protect their living environment. Integration of computers and technology into the curriculum is one of the main features of Seneca Hill Public School.

1- Cherokee Public School

Address: 390 Cherokee Blvd, North York, ON M2H 2W7, Canada

Located at 390 Cherokee Blvd, Cherokee Public School is definitely one of the best schools in North York. The school offers an accepting and warm educational atmosphere, making it easy for students to progress more and more. Cherokee Public School is famous for its expert staff, guiding students through a delightful path. Teachers in this school offer integration of technology and new methods of learning, enabling them to present interactive lessons. Arts and music is one of the best aspects of studying in Cherokee Public School since all classes have music instructions as an important element of the regular curriculum.

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As mentioned, there are many high-level schools in North York, making it one of the major educational hubs of Toronto. This is the area where you can rest assured that your kids will enjoy a high-quality learning system. However, it would be a great idea to contact a Toronto real estate agent to help you through buying or renting process in this area.

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