The Best Pasta Places in Toronto

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The Best Pasta Places in Toronto
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Italian restaurants cover a relatively large percentage of restaurants in Toronto. In fact, there is a large Italian community in this metropolis, especially in the Little Italy Neighbourhood. And the result is lovely Italian food like pizza and pasta.

Here, some of the best pasta places in Toronto are introduced below. You can choose one of these restaurants to have amazing pasta, depending on your workplace or Toronto home location.

When it comes to the best pasta places in Toronto, Italian food lovers have a wide range of options.

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Famiglia Baldassarre - The Best Pasta Places in Toronto

Famiglia Baldassarre

Address: 122 Geary Ave, Toronto, ON

Phone: 647-293-5395

Famiglia Baldassarre is one of the best pasta places in Toronto where you might wait for an hour during the week. They are makers of fresh pasta and students of Italian tradition.

The pasta pockets are filled with delicious handmade pasta stuffed with squash or pumpkin, along with amaretti cookies. Then, they are tossed in a butter sauce and parmesan cheese to make a balanced sweetness.


Address: 1214 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-535-8888

Gia is a restaurant without meat dishes, making it perfect for vegetarians. However, meat lovers also will fall in love with the flavourful pasta in GIA.

As they said, “Gia is amongst the first restaurants in Canada to be recognized and recommended

by the renowned Michelin Guide.”

The pasta that is a creamy agnolotti with amazing mushrooms, as well as chives and Parmigiano Reggiano, is a must-try dish in Toronto.

Also, vegans have different options here, such as panko-crusted vegan meatballs and house-made focaccia. There are 36 seats in the dining room and six in the bar.



Address: 633 King St W, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-944-1932

Opened in 2017, Oretta is one of the best pasta places in Toronto, located in the King West area.

Oretta is famous for offering traditional Italian food with a modern twist. Also, you will fall in love with the traditional Italian architecture and the casual atmosphere of the restaurant.

As one of the best pasta shops in Toronto, Oretta offers a great range of Italian pasta made with the finest ingredients. Canestri alle cime di rapa is one of the best pasta you can find here, made with a creamy rapini purée.


Address: 2885 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-901-1559

Address: 794 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON

Phone: 647-748-1559

Address: 1192 Queen St E, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-792-4196

Address: 120 Lynn Williams St, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-475-2018

Nodo has three locations in Toronto, including Junction, Hillcrest, and Leslieville. The restaurant offers casual Italian dishes, with the main focus on Pizza and Pasta.

Twelve different types of pasta are offered in this restaurant. For example, Duck Ragu Pappardelle is one of the must-try kinds of pasta here, which is more contemporary than traditional.

However, you should also try Raviolini and Garganelli as well. The dishes in Nodo are complemented by amazing appetizers, great entrees, and mouthwatering desserts, as well as a range of beers and wines.

La Palma

La Palma

Address: 849 Dundas St W 2nd floor, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-368-4567

La Palma is where you can try 100-layer Lasagna, made with gooey mozzarella and amazing bolognese sauce. But Spaghetti Nerano and Cavatelli Chicken Cacciatore are also amazing. Also, the restaurant offers other options as well, such as Pizza and Grill for the main course. In fact, the menu is not that extensive, but they provide delicacies of the best quality possible. The atmosphere is also friendly, and the staff are kind, making your experience amazingly delightful.

Enoteca Sociale

Address: 1288 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-534-1200

Opened in 2010, Enoteca Sociale has been a major hub for Italian cuisine in Toronto. The roman inspired menu and decorations have made it fantastic for those who are interested in Roman culture. When it comes to pasta, you must try cacio e pepe, a rustic Roman classic. In fact, it is a handmade spaghetti tossed with pecorino and freshly ground black pepper. Also, the restaurant offers gluten-free pasta as well. Enoteca Sociale is open from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. every day, except for Mondays.


Address: Union Station, 65 Front St W, Toronto, ON

Phone: 647-350-0092

Amano is an Italian restaurant with three main philosophies: using local and fresh ingredients, creating a fantastic atmosphere, and amazing hospitality.

Opened in 2017, Amano opened as a pasta bar, offering a range of fantastic Italian pasta. When it comes to Pasta, Tagliolini with P.E.I. Mussels are something you must try!

The restaurant offers takeout and delivery options as well if you like to have your meal at home, work, etc.


You might think that the best Italian pasta cannot be found anywhere else but in Italy. However, in metropolises like New York and Toronto, you can find some of the best Italian cuisines due to the large Italian community living there.

Pasta, as traditional food, is still one of the most popular dishes in the world. If you are one of the pasta fans, you need to take a look at the list of the best pasta places in Toronto mentioned above.

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