Best Cafes and Restaurants at Toronto’s Cabbagetown

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Best Cafes and Restaurants at Toronto’s Cabbagetown

The charming multicultural Cabbagetown neighborhood is right in the middle of Downtown Toronto with a very rich history. This Toronto’s area is famous for its lovely semi-detached Victorian houses with their beautiful front yards which were once cabbage farms. Mostly Irish immigrants used to live there.

The residents of Cabbagetown come from very different backgrounds. Yet, you can easily realize a strong sense of community spirit in this popular Toronto’s neighbourhood. If you like living in multicultural areas, I bet you will love Cabbagetown with all the seasonal festivals, historical walking tours and community activities. For more information about the Toronto real estate market in this lovely neighborhood, you better ask a top Toronto realtor who knows the area inside out. Here, I am going to introduce some of the best cafes and restaurants at Toronto’s Cabbagetown to enjoy your time.

Jet Fuel Coffee, Parliament St.

1. Jet Fuel Coffee, Parliament St.

When you live in Cabbagetown, one of the spots to drink a strong shot of espresso first thing in the morning is Jet Fuel Coffee. This local landmark is one of the oldest independent coffee shops in Toronto.  It has a unique roast and freshly-baked pastries. The friendly ambience of this coffee shop is mixed with the love for cycling which has a bike-sharing station right outside.

The distinctive feature of Jet Fuel Coffee is that they have no menu. So, you just need to choose the beverage of your choice depending on your mood. Then choose the size of the glass and they will happily serve you one of the most luscious and energizing coffees in Cabbagetown! It is located at 519 Parliament St, Toronto. If you go there, don’t forget to test their special called the “Jet”. Jet tops coffee with a more equal layering of milk and foam richer than a latte.

When you enter the narrow, black and red shop of Jet Fuel Coffee, it may seem a little dark inside. But after a while, you can feel how friendly and comfy the place is. You can even take your laptop and work over there thanks to their excellent Wi-Fi. They undoubtedly serve the best latte and americano in the city, but if you want to also enjoy their fresh pastries, you better go early because they sell out! They work from 6 am till 8 pm.

Absolute Bakery and café, Parliament St

2. Absolute Bakery and café, Parliament St.

When it comes to the best Croissants in Toronto downtown, there would be no other place except Absolute Bakery in Cabbagetown. This place is a family run business which serves the neighborhood for more than 10 years. If you are looking for special French-style cakes and pastries, this is your best place. You have a wide selection of tasty baked goods, even vegetarian options. You will find the best yummy fresh cakes, cookies, tarts, Croissants and pies at Absolute Bakery.

In addition to the spectacular homemade taste of their pastries, the friendly ambience and staff behavior make you feel like family. You can go to Absolute Bakery and order a cup of delicious coffee and a spinach and feta croissant, chicken pastries or cream cheese Danish for brunch. This lovely old-fashioned bakery is located at 589 Parliament St, Toronto. It’s a hidden gem in the cabbagetown neighbourhood, don’t miss this professional bakery. One bite of their savory Croissants feels like a one-way ticket to Paris 😉

The Tilted Dog Pub & Kitchen, Cabbagetown

3. The Tilted Dog Pub & Kitchen, Cabbagetown

Now, it is time to introduce you to the best place in Toronto’s Cabbagetown to eat sandwiches, burgers, pies and fish n’ chips. This local pub and kitchen offer a long list of classic dishes in a nice vibe to spend time with your family and friends. You can go to The Tilted Dog Pub & Kitchen for lunch or dinner.  They serve the most delicious burgers, steak frites, wonderful fajitas and Burritos and tasty pasta. Certainly, you can find an amazing Craft Beer Selection there!

They also have special events to perfectly entertain their customers. They have Trivia Night on Wednesday, live music on Thursdays, and Sunday Jazz events. From brunch to late-night, you can spend quality time on their nice outside basement patio. This patio could be a perfect place on hot summer nights, it is shaded and comfortable.

This cabbagetown’s eatery is located at 424 Parliament Street, Toronto, an excellent pub with excellent food. They also have fantastic savory homemade pies and many vegetarian-friendly, vegan and gluten-free options on the menu. Everything is wonderful at Tilted Dog, from salads and burgers to their long wine list. Their awesome hospitality, excellent food and cozy patio are ready to create a pleasant experience at Cabbagetown.

House on Parliament, Cabbagetown

4. House on Parliament, Cabbagetown

It is impossible to walk through Parliament Street in Cabbagetown and miss the laughter of neighbors and people who are enjoying their time at this beautiful patio. For more than 20 years, the House on Parliament has been one of the most popular Cabbagetown destinations. You can find this stunning Victorian house at 454 Parliament Street.

This British style pub with a front and rooftop patio is a nice spot for light night gatherings with friends. They have very different burgers that will mesmerize you because all of them are mouth-wateringly delicious. Some of the most popular juicy and pleasant burgers are Grilled Wild Boar Burger, Parliament House Burger, and Veggie House Burger. They serve burgers with brioche buns and chipotle sauce. The portions are great, especially for the price.

The high quality of their foods is obvious when you order their vodka smoked salmon and feel the luscious mix of taste, texture and creaminess. And you will be sure that the quality of food at the House of Parliament far exceeds the standards. That is the reason it is known as one of the best gastropubs in Toronto. The cuisines, the drinks and the vibe are all amazing and make House on Parliament a special place for late-night gatherings.

F'Amelia Ristorante, Amelia St

5. F’Amelia Ristorante, Amelia St.

However, if you are looking for a decent place for your special occasions, you can’t find anywhere better than F’Amelia Ristorante in Cabbagetown. This Italian restaurant is a cottage with hearty Italian food and wonderful world wines.  It has a glass atrium and stunning patio. The food in this restaurant is nutritious, delicious, and affordable and the vibe is fantastic.

F’Amelia Ristorante is located at 12 Amelia Street, Toronto. They serve the best fresh pasta, pizza, meat, fish, and tasty desserts in cabbagetown. The amazing taste of Puttanesca, Quattro Stagioni and the savory pizza baked in a wood-burning oven at F’Amelia brings you to Italy. I can assure you that from the appetizers to dessert and drinks, everything in F’Amelia is a masterpiece.

Their menu is inspired by the idea of simple and honest cooking, but it’s a chef-driven menu with so many seasonal ingredients and delicious handcrafted dishes. I suggest you start with a savory appetizer, enjoy the tasty Italian main course along with the perfect drink selected from their wine list, but make sure to save room for dessert. Otherwise, you’ll be sorry!

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There are many other cafes and landmarks in Toronto’s Cabbagetown neighborhood to explore. You can use this shortlist of best cafes and restaurants to take a break while you are searching all around this stunning neighborhood.

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