The Best Brunch Places in Toronto

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The Poet Café

What makes brunch unique? Well, there is not any special reason, but people can’t get enough of it.

When it comes to dinner or lunch, you can always find places easily in your neighbourhood. But finding a great brunch place is somehow tricky.

In Toronto, you can find some amazing brunch places in different Toronto neighbourhoods. Here, some of the best brunch places in Toronto are introduced.

The wide range of options for brunch places in Toronto has led us to introduce some of the best ones in this metropolis.

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Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Address: 85 Hanna Ave #104, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-588-5695

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen is one of the best brunch places in Toronto. Using local and seasonal ingredients has made the items in this restaurant fantastic. For instance, you need to try dishes like Shakshuka and Wally’s Cheesy Savoury Tart.

But you also don’t want to miss Huevos Monty as well. Besides, you need to know that many items in Mildred’s Temple Kitchen are made from scratch in-house, like biscuits and jams.

Dirty Food Eatery

Dirty Food Eatery

Address: 3070 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-855-3393

The name is somehow strange, but the fact is that whatever you order from Dirty Food Eatery is deliciously made with great and fresh ingredients.

The toppings they use, such as different cheeses and special spicy house mayo, are amazingly delicious.

The important point about Dirty Food Eatery is that it only offers brunch. Everything here is made in-house, whether you like to have bacon or baked goods. So this place is one of the best choices for having a great brunch in Toronto.

Lady Marmalade

Lady Marmalade

Address: 265 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON

Phone: 647-351-7645

Located in the east end of Toronto, Lady Marmalade is a brunch spot, serving excellent dishes like Braised Beef Benny and Huevos Rancheritos. But you don’t want to miss the Moroccan Scramble as well.

The woody minimalist atmosphere, along with the friendly staff, has created a great vibe for the customers. Also, if you are a vegan, you have different options as well, like Vegan Kale Caesar.

Lady Marmalade is one of the best brunch spots in Toronto.

Pow Wow Café

Pow Wow Café

Address: 213 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON

Pow Wow Café offers indigenous-inspired dishes in the middle of Kensington Market. This café offers fantastic brunch made with delicious, fresh, and local ingredients. For example, they provide maple syrup from Cape Croker.

Also, wild rice has become available from Curve Lake, Whitefish, etc. Pow Wow Café also offers full-service catering for your large events and gatherings.

This cafe is considered as one of the best Brunch Places in Toronto.

Old School

Old School

Address: 800 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-815-8790

Old School is a school-themed place on Dundas West. The restaurant specializes in brunch, but they also offer dinner options. Among brunch options, Blueberry Hill Pancakes are fantastic since it is topped with bacon slices, butter (with brown sugar), and blueberry compote. The restaurant brings its guests to the mid-twenties century with good feelings, optimism, as well as great food and culture. Dundas Street West is also a great place to live in Toronto. If you want to move to another home, make sure to check available homes in Dundas in the online Toronto real estate market or consult a Toronto real estate agent.

The Green Wood

The Green Wood

Address: 1402 Queen St E, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-778-4343

Like other fantastic restaurants, The Green-Wood is concerned about providing the freshest local ingredients.

The brunch menu in this restaurant is notable, offering dishes like Chickpea Shakshuka and Salmon Rosti.

Have your meal in The Green Wood with an amazing fresh house cocktail or mimosa. The staff is also friendly, combined with the welcoming atmosphere, making a great brunch memory for you.

The Poet Café

Address: 173 King St E, Toronto, ON

The Poet Café is not a regular café since they also offer amazing breakfast and brunch as well. If you are into Persian and middle-eastern dishes, you can have it on Saturday.

Also, you can have many vegetarian options as well on this day. Besides, on Sundays, you can have a feast! If you choose an egg dish, your dish is served with six traditional sides.


Brunch is not something that you can have in any place. So Torontonians need to know what are the best brunch places in Toronto.

Therefore, a list of them is provided for you above in different neighbourhoods so that you can easily pick the nearest one to your Toronto home and have a delightful brunch.

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